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Hardcore (lol) iOS gaming


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And sorry I haven't made many moves today. School is getting a lot more hectic and I had to work in the clinic tonight.

It's cool, this game was made to accommodate busy people :P

So this next round I'm switching up my early game strategy against you, and I may or may not be using Microsoft Excel for something ;)

Finally took a crack at Hero Academy today. Man, that's fun.

Post your name so zero and I can play you. Just don't expect us to be easy fights :]

Try Ascendancy. It's a classic empire-building game from MS-DOS days, retrofitted for iDevices. Likely more complex than other portable games, but who knows, that might be your thing.


Woah my gawww... I like complex, but that looks downright intimidating!

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The game you're playing with darkozl is me. Don't count yourself out of a victory though. Last time I trash-talked was to eternal Zero and he's beaten me like 3 times in a row.

EDIT: Hey, zero. Bring that ninja a little closer to my units... because I never learn.

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I finally got around to installing Hero Academy. I'm down as Moomba should anyone want to take a crack at thrashing me!

Also relevant, Ghost Trick was released for iOS today which is definitely a must play if you haven't played the DS version! First two chapters free. I can't stress enough just how awesome a game it is.



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Well I played the first two chapters of Ghost Trick but I'm not sure I'm sold on it. It's a really likeable game, full of personality with awesome animations, but the gameplay isn't really gripping me. The most annoying thing is characters explaining things I could have figured out on my own. Why do they take 10 minutes to explain every little obvious thing?

Does the game eventually leave you to your own devices and become more complex? Right now it's funny and cute, but that's about it.

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Both gameplay and story become much more complex as the game progresses. There are some really clever puzzles.

But story is kind of central to the game so there are always quite a few segments of dialogue. Most of the puzzles do pretty much leave you to your own devices, but there are still segments of dialogue within many of them.

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I have to bump this because I found two very good trading card games. You can play competitively online and buy packs just like any other TCG. It's also manageable to play with little or zero budget. It's pretty easy to earn free points by winning.

Assassin's Creed: Recollections is the most intense TCG I've ever played. It's a realtime card game where you try to control two of three "regions" on a board. You do this by launching sites, agents, and actions. The UI design is the most beautiful goddam thing I've ever seen, and the gameplay is rock solid. The downside is that Ubisoft's servers are unreliable. They usually go down about once a day for an hour.

Shadow Era is your typical TCG akin to Magic and Yugioh. It's more simple to play and understand than Recollections, but it has a great formula. You choose one hero card and base your deck around their traits. If your hero is a Human Mage, you can only use Human ally/item cards or Mage ally/item cards. It makes the matchups pretty dynamic. The lore is a little over-nerdy like Magic, but it's still alright. It's too fun to be written off for that reason alone.

My username in all games is darkozl if you guys want to play. You should play.. please..

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