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OCR02380 - Bahamut Lagoon "Stockholm"


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Another track that I managed to steadily get attached to, not to mention that it wanted me to take interest into actually playing through the game. :P

The sources used are very simplistic melodies that tend to get absorbed well without becoming too repetitive, and thus it works beautifully well in the context of a more chilled track from avaris's end. Having heard his progression since the PRC days he's managed to show his clarity and develop his style a lot, and in the style of a gentler soundscape it's managed to provide something that provides more of a zen-like state of mind from the user. It may be generally a tad dry and a little on the unrealistic side in regards to the organic instrument selection used, but given that this is more of a citing of his musical influences, it actually seems natural to be able to take it that way and fit in a more modernised context.

So you can see that I dig this - works well for my travels out and about, and can be quite reflective depending on the context. I hope to sense more of avaris in later endeavours :)

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02380 - Bahamut Lagoon "Stockholm"

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