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FF5 remix album

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Nobody mentioned K-Murdock's FF6 album, Hero Muzik:

Though I gotta admit, this made me choke a bit:

This project aims to pay respect to the timeless music of FF6 composer & video game legend Nobuo Uematsu
So, direct-sampling the game audio, ripping Amano's chara-design and selling 35$ collector editions is respectful?

Don't get me wrong, the music IS cool. But how on earth does he manage to get away with this much copyright infringement? :dstrbd:

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hahahaha the "Library of the Ancients" and "Bonfire" is hilarious. Why in the hell did this person censor this stuff?!

Really, this is lame but it made me LOL

EDIT: Bah, thinkin' about it - the accapellas are probably censored. Ah well.

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