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Hey all, this isn't anything official yet, but I thought I'd throw the idea out there to maybe see who all would be interested. I've got a few tracks/remixes arranged for a jazz big band. That being said, it's no fun making sound libraries sound decent when it comes to saxophone and brass sections....So I had the idea of possible recruiting an OCR Big Band, which would consist of multiple recording musicians on the website.

The group would basically act as a collective of musicians/arrangers with an interest in either playing in a video game big band, or doing some video game arrangements in a big band setting. The style does not have to be Jazz per say, as the big band will act as a medium for whatever arrangement we toss at it. Most parts will typically be pre-written, asides from solos, and this will allow members to get in, record, and get out.

Anywho, I think its a pretty neat idea, and perhaps we can get this rolling. I'll put a list below of what we need, and a fun little chart :) . Anyone interested, please get in touch with me and we can discuss. If I know of your work on the site with your requested instrument, then you will most likely get the part. If I am unfamiliar with your work, please send a well recorded sample!

Sax Section:

Alto 1- XPRTNovice

Alto 2- Prophetik

Tenor 1- Jerry Shen

Tenor 2- Anthony Lofton

Baritone- XPRTNovice


Trombone 1- Fratto

Trombone 2-

Trombone 3-

Trumpet 1- Sir Jordanious

Trumpet 2- C7

Trumpet 3- Majorjazzman

Rhythm Section:

Piano- Joenopride

Guitar- AndyP

Bass- Audiofidelity

Drums- Wiesty

Aux Percussion- DrumUltimA, Wiesty


Arrangers: Wiesty,

*Doublings would be awesome, but not necessary


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I might just do that thanks Fishy,

as for being "Not that Jazz", keep in mind that it is just a big band, and we are looking for arrangers and musicians of multiple styles. Arrangers interested in getting involved dont need any background in jazz per say, as long as they are comfortable arranging a song with this instrumentation.

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If you do managed to get a group together, I'd love to get my

chart re-recorded, and I've had a couple of ideas in the past that I could probably come to fruition with for charts.

I will say this: in the OverClocked Plaid Muffins, we have difficulties sometimes getting four horn parts recorded and in the right hands for mixing. I couldn't even imagine attempting to do that with 17 people. Plus, you'd have to make sure everyone's recording gear is up to snuff enough so it all sounds good when put together, which I imagine might be a mixing catastrophe waiting to happen.

Don't get me wrong; over the years, I've thought about this same idea, but after going to art school and evaluating the situation multiple times, I really think the only way it would work is if you'd all lived within the same city or so and could get together for actual rehearsals, rather than send .wavs over the internet. It would probably be for the benefit of everyone and the music, too.

This is not to deter you or anything; I'd just like to put out my own observations on this topic which seems to crop up every so often. As much as I wanted to start and maintain the 'OverClocked Big Band,' I retired that desire when I realized the amount of effort it would take and how everything would have to align. Also when I realized I'd probably just want to do covers too, and of course, OCR doesn't do those ;)

So, I wish you luck in this endeavour! You will probably need it, truth be told. :) And if it does come together, you've got an arranger over here that could lend his pen.

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Could possibly take longer for a trumpet part, I'm using my Dad's rig and he isn't set up for such a loud instrument. It'll take a bit longer prep work than just lining-in through a mixer and a pre-amp.

EDIT: Turns out I'll have the bass to you tonight or tomorrow

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Brad and I tried this a while back. Xenon got us a chart and we got a handful of people on board. We ran into problems recruiting trumpets. We got a handful, but no one with lead chops. Hopefully it works out better this time.

I'm down for Bass Bone (possibly other bone parts as well tuba) and I'm more than comfortable arranging for this setup.


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Also, if you plan on being in the rhythm section, are you comfortable with lead sheet and improvisation?

Oh jeez, I just realized I almost completely disregarded this question! I could definitely try my hands at improv but doing the lead would depend on the range, which mine is between F#2 and F4 on sheet music.

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