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OCR02395 - Wild Arms "~to be loved is to love~"


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I like Peter's works quite a lot, and this song is no exception - it is short and merry, with a bit of heavier emphasis on the beats, which is characteristic of his work in general. The beginning of the song throws you off for a bit with the spacey sound of the synths, but the piano dominates so quickly in a calm seductive fashion that you don't have much time to take in that shock. The ending is a bit jarring but similarly quick and somehow painless. I think for how the song is crafted, the quick changes sound minimal in comparison to other situations like loud rock & metal songs, where the listener generally becomes more dissatisfied with such techniques - I find that interesting personally.

Nice job by melody and I hope he goes back to making more music sometime soon!

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The percussion, and of course the piano, in this one is insanely good coupled with the synth here. Pretty amazing tune that brings in a lot of emotion without getting overly happy, which sometimes ruins the mood when done wrong. Not a problem here, because melody does it right once again. Excellent work!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02395 - Wild Arms "~to be loved is to love~"

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