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This one's been a long time coming. Congrats on achieving one of your personal goals Dustin. :nicework:

Luv how you've warped your way around both sources to create just the right alchemy between familiarity, novelty and excitement.

You've brought the usual energy so characteristic of your music, while carrying some metalcore across the panel for everyone to enjoy.

The Broken Front manages to strike the nostalgia bone while retrospectively offering something more thrilling than the actual game content. ;P

This interpretation is true to Kyd's early works and a fitting tribute to music from a game system that needs much, much more love around here. :)

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Dustin has a great punk style to his songwriting, and while this song eases up on the punk some, this still kicks ass. I think there is some room for clarity with the guitars that would help the song achieve more of an effect - they're not as crisp as they need to be for this style I think.

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Sounds absolutely warlike in it's metal. Just the right combination of aggression, energy and ass-kickin' rhythm. It's pretty sweet to see how this ReMix varies itself up as it goes along, which makes it that much easier to pay full attention. Wonderful ReMix, DusK, very strong first mixpost.

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