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The World Ends With You - Sequel Teased in Solo Remix?


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Just...I have no words for the level of let down which has been achieved here today. :whatevaa:

Edit: Sorry Brian Gray, but despite bonus features/additions, it's still a port. You know, like everyone already said it was.

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I, for one, am not really bothered by this. It may just be a port, but at least it's an enhanced one that they actually took the time to look good unlike another certain iOS port.




Also these features are cool, though I'm surprised that DS copies of TWEWY will be able to communicate with this for Tin Pin Slammer.

My thoughts? Port this version over to the Wii U. I'm sure it could handle it. :P

Oh ho ho.

The sadness is delicious.

It will stew perfectly in my newest confection!

lol so appropriate. why doesn't higashizawa get more love?

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I am sad for this because

A twenty dollars iOS version. But it's still cheaper than Final Fantasy Dimensions. Man, what's the deal.
The deal is that very few people will buy the iOS version, so Squenix gets to go "Oop, guess no one's interested in a TWEWY sequel." And then funnel the budget into FFXII-4: Frocobo's Adventure.
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So I watched a video showing Day 1 of this. They really took great care in porting it over, making sure everything looked nice and worked well and stuff. I'm satisfied.

And plus, nothing wrong with more people being able to experience this fantastic game and its story.

EDIT: Remember, it's not just the iOS "Solo Remix" that was mentioned in that leak.


The arrange soundtrack was mentioned too! Apparently it's due out on September 20th. Click the image for the official site.

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To quote a friend of mine:

'Squenix cockteases rarely end in gratification.'

I'd like to note that they're teasing a sequel... after teasing a sequel. So... how are they going to destroy this one?

Pretty much everything right here. Square Enix is like that baby that throws cups and plates on the ground and laughs as we pick it up and give them what they want every damn time. If they made a sequel, AND IT WAS GOOD, I would be happy, but given the abysmal state of squeenix these days I just don't see that happening.

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