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Sand Trap (Sandopolis Remix)


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Remix Name: Sand Trap

Listen Link: https://soundcloud.com/key-jay/sand-trap-sonic-3-knuckles/s-L6uze


Original Track Name(s): Sandopolis Zone (Act 1 and Act 2)

Original Game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Platform: Sega Genesis

Year Released: October 18, 1994 (North America)

Original Composers:

Sachio Ogawa

Masaru Setsumaru

Yoshiaki Kashima

Tatsuyuki Maeda

Tomonori Sawada

Masayuki Nagao

Jun Senoue

Miyoko Takaoka

Masanori Hikichi

Howard Drossin

Brad Buxer

Cirocco Jones

Michael Jackson (not credited)

Original Source Material:

Sandopolis Zone (Act 1) -

Sandopolis Zone (Act 2) -


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