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Final Fantasy III: Resurrection - Wrapping Up (Sign Consent Form!)

Brandon Strader

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Pre:edit - even bigger apologies cause sixto just claimed Eternal Wind... i'm gonna let him have it, and Boss Battle and Ending Theme.... sixto instead of Dr. Manhattan or BONKERS is a good compromise IMO!

Apologies to both of you :-(

I will try to make it more clear in the first post.

This is some of the "tough decisions" I was speaking of. I got no doubt both of you could knock it out of the park, and even produce remixes that would be posted to the OCR front page, but the scope is a little higher than that for what I would call the really KEY tracks of the game. It's higher than I can even properly explain right now so for lack of knowing, I'll just say they may remain unclaimed for a while. :-)

Something I want to try for some songs is a "voting" process when we get the private subforum. It'll be a way to vote for a remix that you think deserves to be on the album or don't. It's something I wanted to do personally with my own work, I don't think I would want anyone else to get shut down, but the option will be on the table for people. I haven't thought out all of the details yet, but it would most-likely be project member-based voting, sort of like a pre-judge panel for inclusion... In particular I wanted to try my hand at "Under the Deep Sea" but let you guys choose whether it's good enough or if we should hold out for something better.

That's going to be the unpopular idea with this album, "holding out for something better", but in the end I think it will make a stronger album... or if it blows up in my face, we can change things later on. It's experimental. :-)

Another idea I had was possibly doing a DoD-style anonymous competition here at OCR through the Competition forums. Sorta like Zircon's FF6 contest. Hopefully that is either something we'd do very far along, or not have to do because we get enough claims.

In conclusion! Sorry. But please do not hesitate to claim something else, all of your support and consideration is very much appreciated.

The Dual Dragons today claimed Jinn the Fire and Beneath the Horizon, two songs I thought would be quite difficult to get coverage for... that's what I like to see, they didn't even ask for Eternal Wind or Elia! The more difficult sources need love too!

EDIT: This might sound weird but if anyone on the project wants to toss me their cell phone numbers to get personalized, real life updates or correspondence concerning your contribution (and Happy New Years calls while I'm sitting bored at work) feel free to send them my way. :-)

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We're cool with this in Community for a week or two based on the track record w/ FF1 & FF2. Looking forward to NES TRILOGY COMPLETION :nicework:
The pretzel has granted you passage.

YES!!! :nicework:

Thank you so much, I am glad everything is going to work out! You're good guys!

Fishy, I really want to mark you down for Veggies of Geasal. Can you commit? Even if you have to make it 3 months from now? ;-)

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Someone juss stole from me the one I really wanted to do because he was 500% better at the genre than I am

back to the drawing board

Ok, I claimed Crystal Tower.

That just leaves a bunch of good songs and FREAKIN' ELIA WHO IS GONNA DO ELIA

I pm'd KatetheGreat19 cross your fingers, your arms, your toes, your intestines, your kidneyshid your kids hide your wifes and your husbands

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If anyone would like tenor vocals for this, let me know. I had a great time recording for FF6, and I have a lot of love for the later NES games, as this picture (yep, they work in English) should show:


Seriously though, I'd love to collab with someone on this album, and have a good excuse to purchase OA some beer in exchange for letting me use his recording gear -- it's a win win for everyone! :)

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I'd like claim the spot for Time Remains if nobody else has. Is there anything like a early demo I need to submit to get the spot?

An audition so I can tell the quality of your work, send something that you would consider your best. :-)

edits: There's a lot of changes to the roster, give it a look. PacificPoem just dropped the "medley" idea and is instead going for Covert Town and Dark Crystals. Kate is on Eternal Wind and Lute of Noah. There's still a good amount of tracks left to claim, and some that could potentially be dropped. I think we've already gotten a strong enough line-up and every completely needed song is accounted for, in just 2 days... Thank you all so much... <3

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