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Need a male voice actor capable of a gruff, sort of "police" voice for a ReMix


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Yo. I'm not sure in which subforum this goes, so move it if it needs to be moved. This seemed appropriate enough, I guess :P

Anyyyway. I need a male voice actor who is capable of a gruff, growly, menacing, police-type voice. I'm writing a remix for the FF6 compo, and I'm doing the Mines of Narshe. The angle I'm approaching it from is creating a sort of a lengthy, cinematic intro with lots of audio samples and ambience to simulate the bleak, martial atmosphere of Narshe and rule under the Empire. I want to tell a story in the intro of a "treasure hunter" being captured by the authorities and marched through the streets to a prison transport, and on his last march through his hometown, he finally sees Narshe for the dismal pit that it is. Then he'll be sent off the Kefka, there will be a drop of some sort, music will play him out, etc., etc.

Where you come in is I need a few spoken lines acted out as the arresting officer catches the thief and again when he tosses him in the transport to be carted away.

Anyone have any expertise here?

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I'd also like to apply, and you can find some example of my voice work on the latest Ocremix christmas album at the end of JH Sounds' track where I was asked to basically imitate a British radio announcer.

Apart from that, I don't have skype, or a microphone, I'd have to record a video of me performing the voice.

Somewhat lazy audition on my end, but it's 3:30 in the AM.

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I've had a sold 6 years of acting under my belt and I'm looking into getting a career as a voice actor. A few weeks ago I had lessons from a old pro in the field Spike Spencer. I can do a pretty mean gruff voice as well. Hit me up on skype, my username is mangamand. I live in Wisconsin and have free time in the evenings usually after 9pm over here or early mornings before 2pm. I have a few examples on youtube, such as my impersonation of Inspector Zenigatta

. If you want to see more of my range skype me up! Edited by MangaMan
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