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Lack of SNES Space Shooters, Including...


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Space Megaforce aka Super Aleste. I find it hard to believe there are zero remixes of this game. The entire soundtrack is filled with super-memorable melodies that are dying to be remastered. Even the title music has style!

The only tracks I'd say that aren't worthy of a remix are:

- Space Cruiser

- The boss battles

Anything else you really can't go wrong with. The ending Credit music is just beautiful.

Axelay. Another game with some great melodies to play with. Big thanks to Jeremy Johnson, Midee and prozax for their 'Unkai' remix. And while 'City Lights' by posu yan isn't really my style, I find myself listening to it often because it's just done well.

The songs at the top of the list would have to be:

- Mother

- Silence

- Burning

Super R-Type. 'Blast Rock'. Crazy awesome solo. Need I say more?

I may be pushing my quota of requests here, =0 but hey, I'm a child of space shooters so I need to do them justice by giving some honorable mentions:

U.N. Squadron aka Area 88. Only 1 remix on the site. Sad really. Not the song, I mean the fact that it's the only remix there. This music is very engaging, heavy even. Something RPG's and adventure games can't give you ;1

Good stuff:

- Project 4 Fortress

- Enemy Airforce

- Final Boss

- The Canyon

- Front Line Base

The Gradiuses. Well done. More please :D

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Wow thanks for opening my eyes to these other sites.. there's a lot of great stuff there! Still a surprising lack of Space Megaforce.

@jnWake great job on the SEDF ~ what a fun game I've never played before.

@hakstok isn't it though? There's some nice voice clips in that game too hint hint ;l

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I never played the old shooter games, but I saw some SNES music website praise Axelay for its great music, and that got me converted to Axelay music. The sound quality is pitiful, but the melodies are grand. I will definitely second the request for more Axelay remixes (besides Unkai, which was already done).

Now I feel inspired to listen to other shooters, too... even though I'll probably never play the games. I'll think go and download the spcs for Space MegaForce, Super R-Type, U.N. Squadron, Gradius, Super Earth Defense, and Thunder Force (Spirits?), and Parodius.... if they're available, that is.

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There are some shooters that are catchy for their music. Great examples include:

  • Acrobat Mission
  • Strike Gunner S.T.G. (First track)
  • Nostradamus
  • U.N. Squadron (Mainly the Battleship Minks and Wolfpack stages)
  • Darius Gaiden
  • Darius Twin

Don't get me wrong, I love the other tracks on U.N. Squadron, but I just haven't heard any decent remixes of either. Oh yes, I specified the Wolfpack rather than the Enemy Air Force because of the boss music.

Acrobat Mission deserves the most love. It's a brutal shooter but the music makes it worth it. Especially the first mission's track!

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