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OCR02620 - Portal 2 'The Orchestra Is a Lie'


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Thanks for the kind words! I'd love to have the chance to have this recorded live to see how it sounds - perhaps an idea for a project I've got in mind for later this year ;D

I agree, Guifrog, on doing better - this piece was made over a year ago and I think I've come a long way since then. You can sort my stuff by date over on my all-in-one-site to check out my more recent music

Clairval - If the artifact is what I think you're meaning, those are Violin pizzicatos that stick out a little bit because of their pitch. You would expect those in a live performance too though for Hollywood style scores they'd possibly be smoothed out post process. I like to keep my orchestrations a little loose and raw.

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Want You Gone has to be one of the few songs where I personally feel like the original is pretty damn tough to beat or rearrange without going the wrong way, but I like what Dummy has done here with the orchestral take on it. The light, whimsical feeling of this ReMix is done really nicely and I would also love to hear this done live. Very nice.

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