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OCR02666 - Mega Man 2 "Acid Flashbacks"


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When I saw this posted, I thought, "Really? More Flash Man? And with lots of SFX? Ugh. Well, I'll listen anyway." And wow, this kicks ass. Some of it is just a little too liberal for my tastes, but overall this was really amazing. Best use of 8-bit SFX I've ever heard, great arrangement, great instrumentation, great job keeping a short loop fresh each time it comes around.

I've only just started to play with synth effects myself, and now mixes like this one are my goal. Well, maybe without the SFX. I don't think I could ever make myself do that.

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Amazing track - I listened to it non-stop for about an hour last night.

The only thing I find questionable are a couple sound effects. The "megman jump landing" effect is too clean - needs to be either volumed down or have more reverb to blend it better. The "gate" effect could have been split up to match the beat.

Other than those, I think the mix is perfect.

Master work!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02666 - Mega Man 2 "Acid Flashbacks"

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