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MAGFest 12 - Post-MAGFest Depression hits again


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So what's the status of the group buy? It looks like I'm 95% definitely in for this year.

I'll be organizing it soon - I just need to clear out my PM inbox

Edit: Ok, so I just cleared out a ton of old PMs - I am now ready to start taking reservations & badge $ for the MAGFest group buy!

Send me a PM, and Paypal wesley.cho@gmail.com $31.50 (to cover most of the BS paypal fee) whenever you can - I will be doing the pre-reg around the end of the month, which is the deadline for getting the prereg in.

For anyone interested, send me PMs expressing interest in staying in the OCR suite! The rate will be $50/night for any interested in staying, so it's guaranteed to be cheap!

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I've not heard from theshaggyfreak, who I understand is organizing the OCR block. But I do have a room I'm looking to share, and so far there have been zero takers.

I can tell you from past experience that the OCR Block isn't something that really gets commented or expounded on regularly. Everyone who reserves a room in their name just fills out the extra form to get in the block, and then in December, the MAGFest hotel liaison will contact the block organizer with a list of people who asked to be in that block to confirm everything looks right. Organizer replies back with a yes/no (along with any last minute additions), then the liaison sends the final list to the hotel, then the hotel puts all those rooms on the same stretch of hallways. The block organizer does very little.

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Did you try to book your rooms through the Gaylord itself or through MAG's internal link to the Gaylord's site? I remember Velocifero running into this same problem a few weeks ago, but he was trying to book straight through the Gaylord, and when he did it through the MAG link, there were still rooms left.

(I'd test, but I don't want to double-book)

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