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Forum Avatars - RIP


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Good, or too dark? I think the white might have been better, honestly.

LT: Keep BSing with it. Doesn't need to be off-white, but that doesn't look too bad. Just lighten the shade of the background without making it too close to white. Good stuff so far.

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Dragon Slayer 4 (MSX) opening sequence head shots:


LT: Nice rips, but those are IMO ugly sprites. Pass.

Legacy of the Wizard (NES) characters (mostly Lyll):


LotW items:


LT: A little too oogly for all the NES-style piexlization. I'd take some of these in a smaller size.

The Lost Vikings (the circles underneath each one is their life bar):


LT: If they didn't have those black borders around them, they'd be cool. Dunno if removing them is more trouble than it's worth, as the edges may look worse as a result.

And suitless Samus:


LT: Sure.

EDIT: Smaller package:


LT: Too small.

And no borders do kinda look worse, so I provided the Vikings' default black backgrounds as well:




LT: Looks better with the black background. S'alright.

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hey Douli, what are you doing? don't post new avatars, let this thread die now that it's in Site Projects.

What the hell are you talking about?

sorry Larry, I thought that this thread was meant to be locked since it was moved to Site Projects. my fault.

as a partial refund, I made some new avatars. I used my usual criteria to choose the games: I looked at the games with most remixes on ocr.

my research brought me to Guardian Legand and Castlevania. and here you are the avatars.

Guardian Legend.


LT: Just the guardian character facing forward. Rest are too small or just not cool enough, (or too freaky like dat eyeball, which is otherwise awesome but will scare Christian conservatives or sumthing).

N: Hey, I'm Christian :(



LT: They look like chibi fan-crud. No thanks.


Ferrari Logo:


LT: Nah. It's a bad rendering anyway, plus we don't need anything like that.

note: I am still taking requests if anyone wants a custom avatar!

Right now I'm browsing through the ocr archive to find well-known games, but if someone posts here and say "I want game XYZ" I'll make the avatars you want.


15ea.gif (please?)

LT: Nah.

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Guess away. Shouldn't be too hard.

I don't know what it is, but since it's 32x32, and it doesn't look bad, don't forget to post it in the Avatar Thread when it's been guessed. :wink:

Throwing up all the Stardroids while I'm at it, at least, the ones who are small enough.

Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, Venus.


And the Rockman Killers...Enker, Quint, Punk, and Ballade.


And Tango!


God, Mega Man V was such a great game.

(Credit goes to www.mmhp.net for these, I didn't make/rip them.)

LT: Very cool. Thanks for these. I grabbed a whole bunch more to replace most of the MM character sprites, since the coloring ideas are more sophisticated.

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Anyone wanna resize more of the Cave Story portraits? The sprites are cool too, but get rid of the unnecessary transparent space around some of them.




Please note that most of them have white or bright parts on their edges, and this makes them not good on a background like ocr's.

I can add a canvas to the ones you wish to use, so just let me know which one are already OK, and which ones need a canvas, so I can aim and edit only the necessary ones (time waste -1). :wink:

edit (obvious): this only applies to the ones that are < than 31 x 31 or the canvas won't fit.

LT: Anything with mostly white or gray in there, feel free to do a canvas and see how it looks. Choose the background colors wisely!

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alienmedal.gifbalrogim.gifbluerobots.gif: no need for a canvas

booster.gif -> booster2.gif

chaco.gifchest.gifchestgold.gif: no need for a canvas

chie.gif -> chie2.gif

curlychar.gif -> curlychar2.gif

disk.gifdrgero.gif: no need for a canvas

igorad.gif -> igorad2.gif

itoh.gif: not editable (already 32 in a dimension)

jack.gif -> jack2.gif

LOL I'm too lazy to do all of them.

let me know what you think about these, so I can do the other ones in the best way.

LT: Add the backgrounds so that the image dimensions are 32x32. If it has a background, the picture should be square-shaped. It also doesn't need a black borderline around the whole thing.

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some new stuff:



aero the acrobat:






do re mi something:


commander keen:


final fantasy 2:






Metal Slug:


Twinbee or something like that:




Some random crap:


LT: I took a small group of these, not very many. It really helps to label what game everything's from, so I can sort them. Don't just rip a bunch of sprites then go "I got these from random games". We're trying to sort avatars by company now, so we need to know what game everything's from please. Thanks for your efforts so far though, Nineko.

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I took a small group of these, not very many. It really helps to label what game everything's from, so I can sort them. Don't just rip a bunch of sprites then go "I got these from random games". We're trying to sort avatars by company now, so we need to know what game everything's from please.
do re mi something:


Do Re Mi Fantasy: Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken (SNES); Hudson, 1996/03/22

LevelXY.gif are enemies from level X, (Y is progressive).

doremi2.gif is some guy named Milon.

doremimisc.gif is a power up.

Twinbee or something like that:


Twinbee: Rainbow Bell Adventure, The; Konami, 1994/1/7

Winbee and Twinbee are two of the main charaters, as well as Gwinbee, which I didn't rip for unknown reasons

draculawerewolf.gifCastlevania Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo); it's the Boss 2, "Greater Werewolf"

Rash2.gifPimple.gif Rash and Pimple, from Battletoads in Battlemaniacs

squirrel.gifrabbit.gifdino.gif from an obscure game named "Don't Pull"

sunsetsomething.gifLive A Live, the Sunset Kid

GnGBoss4.gif Ghouls and Ghosts (Arcade), Boss 4 (Crystalized Worm)

teacher.gifteacher14.gifbluegirl.giforangebluegirl.gifbrownredgirl.gifvioletgirl.gifgraygirl.gifredgirl.giftealgirl.giftealgreengirl.gifnavygirl.gifgreengirl.gifpinkgirl.gifyellowgirl.gifbluegirl2.gif Gals Crash n' The Boys, no further info.

martigan.gifwillow.gif Mad Martigan and Willow, from Willow


anyway, it's from Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems (SNES)

Olaf.gif Olaf, from The Lost Vikings

metroid.gifmetroid lol; edit: now with a black background: metroid2.gif

items8490.gifStar Ocean



edit for Cave Story:


again, these are just for testing purpose, let me know if this is the right way and I'll do also the other ones.


edit for two random new ones:


KingGedol.gifKing Gedol, from Sparkster


edit for Miroku, from Inuyasha:


----------------------------------------- LONG POST LOL -----------

----------------------------------------- (at least I'm not +1'ing) ----------

edit for some new random crap:

BartNightmare.gifBart Simpson, from Bart Nightmare (SNES)

DukeNukem.gifDuke Nukem, from Duke Nukem (GBC)

JoeMac.gifJoe, from Joe and Mac (SNES)

M%26M.gifM&M, from M&M Mini Madness (GBC)

RandMarks2.gifRand Marks, from Breath of Fire 2 (SNES)

Scratchy.gifScratchy, Source unknown

Shadow11.gifShadow the Hedgehog, Source unknown

SMW_Peach.gifPeach, from Super Mario World (SNES)

MKreverse.gifMario Kart's "reverse" thing, from Mario Kart (GBA)

-------------------------------- LOL

edit #3479 for new random stuff

Aladdin1Up.gifThis is the 1-UP thing in Aladdin

Banjo01.gifBanjo (I think) from the N64 game. I never played it so this may be Kazoie or whatever.

GoldenAxe01.gifGoldenAxe02.gifGolden Axe

LifeForce.gifLife Force

MysticNinja01.gifMysticNinja02.gifMysticNinja03.gifMysticNinja04.gifMysticNinja05.gifMysticNinja06.gifMysticNinja07.gifMysticNinja08.gifMysticNinja09.gifLegend of the Mystical Ninja (Ganbare Goemon: Yukihime Kyuushutsu Emaki). Misc. characters with and w/o transparency.

QuackShot01.gifQuackShot02.gifDonald, with and w/o a solid background, from QuackShot

SoR01.gifSoR02.gifSoR03.gifStreet of Rage, with and w/o transparency/solid background

SpaceHarrier01.gifSpace Harrier's guy

----------------- LOL -----------------

edit for Mario, from Qix!



edit for Capitan Tsubasa:



edit for new random ones:

Beavis & Butthead: Beavis.gifButthead.gif

Startropics, for the NES: Startropics01.gifStartropics02.gif


once upon a time... an edit...


LT: He submits so many at once, I won't try to cover them all. Some of them are good, some aren't. Thanks for the good ones!

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LT: I'm quite the perfectionist. Everything looks a bit grainy with these resizes. Don't really need more than 1 pose per character considering how similar most of them are.

thanks to nineko didn't check anything for ages -_-

i post more than one pose, so you can chose a good one. well anyway, i deleted all those now ;_; a few week ago


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