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Forum Avatars - RIP

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More Mario action:


Viruses from Dr.Mario:


Back To The Future!




Samurai Shodown 2:


Ranma ½:


Wonder Boy In Monster Land (and an enemy):








*screen catches*

Youko Kurama, Hiei, from Yu Yu Hakusho: KuramaYouko.gifHiei20.gif

Miroku, Kagura, Rin, Inuyasha, from Inuyasha: Miroku1.gifKagura.gifRin2.gifInuyasha10.gif

LT: Took the Dr. Mario viruses and Earthquake & Genjuro from Samurai Shodown 2. The rest, me no likey. Mostly too pixely or cruddy looking.

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I've seen Misery quite a few times on IRC.

And Nineko, you got way too much free time on your hands, haha. I gotta admit that avatar making and playing around with sprites is a lot of fun. *Hopes for more Bowser goodness*

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some World of Warcraft:






LT: Sharpen these up a bit more, and they're good to go. The resize made them a little blurry.

omfg kirby badguys:


(sir kibbles ftw)

LT: Meh. Just took Sir Kibbles, out of nepotism. He was the only decent looking one.

teh hulk:


LT: ROFL. Sharpen it a little and I have to take it.

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And Nineko, you got way too much free time on your hands, haha.

One site's loss is another site's gain, I suppose

(I'm sure you know full well what I'm talking about)

EDIT: K' got some more, this time from Super Punch-Out

I made two version of each, one with the border and background, and one with just the face.

LT: I took a handful of them, all with the border. Some of those characters were too fugly for primetime, but nice work.


Aran Ryan


Bald Bull


Bear Hugger


Bob Charlie


Dragon Chan


Gaby Jay


Heike Kagero


Hoy Quarlow


Mad Clown


Masked Muscle


Mr. Sandman


Narcis Prince


Nick Bruiser


Rick Bruiser


Piston Hurricane


Super Macho Man


And Little Mac (or whatever his name was)

EDIT 2: Got some more from various Neo-Geo games

King of Fighters:



LT: Really pixelated for some reason. Just took 3 that I think weren't major offenders and otherwise looked OK compared with your current avatar, that being Terry, Kim and Billy Kane.

Last Blade 2:


LT: Too pixelated. Pass.

Super Dodge Ball:


LT: Took the male characters only. Female ones didn't look as good with the resize for some reason. The first female looks like a shim.

And some Waku Waku 7:


LT: Too pixelated; looks like a poorly done resize. If those can be smoothed out a little more or resized with a better program, thouse would be good, except for the 3rd one. Thanks for your effort here.

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I think we all do. There's only a few more days until he will stop giving up his foot fetish for lent. :D

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I have a nearly complete collection, which I will post in due time, but I've got MM Icons covered.

LT: Uh, don't convert from .ico to .gif. And use transparency, don't leave white space. These look absolutely awful in every way.

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^ I know, that's a result from converting from .ico to .gif, but I don't think it's too horrible. I suppose it coulda been worse.

LT: Uh, don't convert from .ico to .gif. And use transparency, don't leave white space. These look absolutely awful.

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Zero, use

edit: also, anyone who wants to take a look at my older (rejected) submissions?

some of them were uploaded, but some didn't make it. if you find something that has potential, feel free to edit/improve it.

Like, I would be happy to see the Lupin ones uploaded.

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Well, since I had a few 32x avatars, I thought I'd stop lurking for a second and post them.

Game Gear Shinobi


LT: They're cool in principle, but they lacking in detail, so it's hard to even tell what they're supposed to be. If you didn't mention what game it was, I would have only been able to guess what the first one was. They look bad both close and from afar. The fact that they're Game Gear sprites is the problem, not that these were bad sprite rips, sorry.

System Shock 2


LT: Too light; it makes it difficult to make out the face.

Phantom Dust


LT: Looks like the coloring is messed up. Nah.

Don't be discouraged at subbing more avatars, as you know what you're doing in terms of making them. Your current sources here just weren't hot.

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If these are not made into avatars soon someone will perish.

blastermaster12lz.gif blastermaster22rg.gif

LT: Those were subbed shortly after the first wave of new avatars a few months ago, so I've had those for a while. Don't worry about 'em.

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Some are too small or too dark. No point in some of these being so small though you probably can't help it given some are from the Gameboy. Klonoa, too small. Crash, too ugly, and I'm sure there's a better pic. Pikachu, too small. KH guys are ok. Hamtaro, too dark, not to mention hell naw. Just Purim from SoM. Get Super Mario in a better pose (standing, jumping). Took Eri and Curly. I spit on Balrog. Tetris blocks are TINY, no good. Use the 32x32 dimensions as best as possible. Thanks for the ones chosen so far.

Took a while for the response, but that was much appreciated. Concerning sizes and color palettes, much of these were shown like that in their respective games to begin with (with the exception of Balrog which I had to cut down to half the size). I had some trouble trying to resize Pikachu and the Tetris blocks in particular, which lead with some of these stretched out pixels when incorporating them as GIFs.

I would work on these a little more, but given that I'm at home for Easter with such limited hardware/software, I can't do that right now. Unless, if there's someone willing to help me out on those icons that didn't quite make it, I will easily hump your leg like there's no tomorrow. :)

Plus, if someone can actually make a better Crash avatar than I did (which when I did mine I took the original icon taken from Crash Nitro Kart on the GBA), I will seriously be greatful. I see little to no love for many of these PlayStation oriented "heroes", so to speak O.o

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Guile is hard to find on Google. Anyway...


Find me better source pics and I'll make something better.

Also, I've found some Chibi styled SF2 characters:


LT: Nope. All crud. Also, no ugly fan-made stuff like those Street Fighter chibis, which look terrible.

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yo what's up. i like never post here but i got bored so i figured i'd make some avatars. they're from street fighter 3 and i think they're pretty good. :D

Dudley: dudley.jpg

Gill: gill.jpg

Q: q.jpg

Urien: urien.jpg

tell me if you like them and i'll make some more. :)

LT: Don't submit resizes that are not 1:1 ratios, they look squashed. Use transparency on images that have white backgrounds. Pass.

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mmm, yeah, we need more Zero, I see megaman, even protoman, but where is zero, I ask you!!!






LT: If you (or anyone else) decide to clean up the second pic so it doesn't look lossy like that, I'll use it. Forget the others.

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I'd like to do all four planes besides the green one. The first plane is a boss and the last is from the intro.

This one is for Nineko. He said he was having trouble resizing it: nineko01_32x32_trans.gif

Method: Crop image, indexed color-->RGB mode, contrast +34, resize 32x32, draw eye in b&w, save as gif.

LT: First two were grainy/pixelated. Second two don't even look like anything. Rhino/Mother 3 thing lacks detail also, which I said was going to be the case if one resized the full pic.

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ok some updates.

world of warcraft again:


















LT: Very very nice stuff. I'm sure these will be used a lot, since this game is pretty hot right now. Ok, what didn't I take:

Gnome is rather ugly. Well, it is a gnome. Res still looks kind of dull (I know you're trying, so don't take it wrong), so if you can sharpen it more withot going overboard, I'll take it. Still an ugly bastard.

Human, sharpen him up a bit more.

Tauren could be shifted to the right a little bit, to better center him.

Undead, same as Tauren, plus a little sharper.

Everything else looks good. Hopefully we can add everything, but it's up to djp.

dar hulkenstein:


LT: Yes! Thanks a lot for fixing these up, Ty, I appreciate it.

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LT: Hahaha! This should be fun. No reason to get worked up on avatars and pout like a child. But then again, it IS the internet. Quotes in black from me are from a prior post, since he didn't actually use


LT: First two were grainy/pixelated.


Huh? The point I'm trying to make is that these weren't resized. I think the green plane had no resizing at all. Maybe the boss pic too. How do you get off calling them "grainy" when I had to chop off the wings to get them at full size?

LT: The fact that the rips are perfect doesn't matter if the image looks cruddy in the first place. Why would I want a couple of planes where the wings were chopped off?

LT: Second two don't even look like anything.


Huh??? The red plane cockpit is damn near perfect. Especially for this game. You can't capture a plane at 32x32, that much I've learned.

LT: That's right, you can't capture most planes at 32x32. Simple as that. You cropped the cockpit so tightly that you'd have to check the filename just to be sure of what it is, and you're right, it IS a nice image, but 1 1/2 wings are cut out just to make it fit. It's gotta be very recognizable just from glancing at it.

LT:Rhino/Mother 3 thing lacks detail also, which I said was going to be the case if one resized the full pic.


I know you can't do better yourself bro, because I spent hours on this one. I would upload others, but you seem to have an anti-plane philosophy.

LT: Why would I care if I could do better myself? I don't have a pirated copy of Photoshop, and I'm not choosing to make these, so I don't care. The rhino rocket's too small to show detail, end of story.

An anti-plane philosophy? Even though it's not true, and it's awfully deep for something so trivial, SURE. If it makes you feel better, I'm anti-plane. (Why I accepted some Tyrian ships and went inconsistent with my own philosophy I'll never know, but clearly...)

Suggesting Mario Shroom is good when it clearly has pixelated borders is overboard:


Yeah that's not pixelated at all. Especially compared to bender.

LT: Super Mario Bros. 1 sprites are going to look overly simplistic and pixelated. :lol: It's when people submit pixelated resizes of stuff that had smooth renderings that it's a problem...much like the Bender avatar below; thanks for providing a good example of something that's not good enough.


Try setting your display to 1280x1024, and you can catch up with the rest of us post-1997. Got $80 for a video board? Ask your parents.


(Using Photoshop since 1994)

LT: ROFL! I don't live with my parents, and I am using 1280x1024. I can't help it if your images aren't good. I'm not gonna accept everything from everyone just because the person that made them likes them. If you've been using Photoshop for 12 LOOOONG years, how come you're not better at it? Don't snipe at me over having a higher standard.

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if my leo avatar could be added that would be much appreciated. Its just a lion so it can be put in the OTHER catagory.


LT: Nah.

1. This apprently isn't derived from a video game or anything else of interest.

2. Images are to be no bigger than 32x32.

3. Don't use white backgrounds. Use a different colored background or transparency.

4. The image quality here is terrible.

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