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Streets of Rage 2 - Electro-House


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Damn, son! That's some nice electro you got going on there. Great source track as well.

You're right about some of the frequencies clashing, especially in the intro, but that's easy enough to fix.

Seems like the outro (2:43) would be a nicer break than the one you have at 1:42 (where it just stops). The transition at 1:11 is also a bit abrupt. I reckon you should re-jig the arrangement a little, and maybe add a 3rd and final drop with the main melody line over the top of it just to really finish the song off euphorically, and you've got a winner.

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Super cool. :D

No source link, no source comment. Then again, this would be half a mod review anyway, if even that.

I was a bit concerned early on with the ringing chip sound, but thankfully it doesn't last long. great sound design.

It could be a touch louder. It doesn't feel loud. You could probably let a few leads be a touch softer while getting the drums a little loud. It's not a big deal, except the 2:36 lead is louder than the rest of the track. It's weird how this is bot not very loud, but also has some compression issues at times (eg 2:36).

Mixing needs fixing, the rest kicks ass.

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This isn't bad at all. I'm not the type of person who dislikes Electro House, though the production could be better. The bass at 0:32 and on is pretty good, but pretty static at the same time on those longer sustains. It would be much better if there was some sort of movement in the timbre, such as with a little band notch LFO or something else creative.

Rozo is right in that this isn't that loud. This is louder. I also do hear the overcompression at 2:36, so I'm confirming that too.

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