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NEW JUDGES & WORKSHOP MOD! Congratulations are in order!


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the only problem I have so far is that the Judges Decisions have already been moving incredibly fast. REALLY fast. As in it looks like I can no longer depend on sporadically sending perfectionist quickfixes anymore during the long wait. :lol:

oh well, the times are a-changin.

Haha, this was my immediate thought as well. :lol:

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So it would be great if you guys could add a couple more judges. I know Flex and Chimp are going to do great, but actually look at what's there... the queue is only up to April 3rd so while the list is starting to get smaller, it's still almost 9 months behind, and that's almost 9 months worth of remixes that need judged. It takes 4 judges to close out a decision, 3 for a no, and while you already had a considerable amount of judges before Flexstyle and Chimpazilla came on, they weren't quite catching up with the panel. I think if you weigh the potential for good against the potential for bad, and consider that if it doesn't work out, you can reverse it practically effortlessly, this would be a good decision. If nothing else, at least until the panel catches up. That would make it easier on the new judges too, instead of overwhelming them with months worth of mixes to judge. :-)

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This I can get behind. :-)

@Argile I wasn't nominating myself. You can't deny more judges would be more effective against the backlog. It's a legitimate concern that I hope can be acknowledged without being brushed aside like that.

except everyone who passed the test is a judge right now, with 10ish people who didn't make the cut.

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Wow... that sucks. You tested THAT many people? And only 2 of them passed? x_x That's unfortunate...

the test isn't how good of a musician people are; it's how well they understand where the OCR standards are at, and how well they can articulate where in relation the standards are with the submitted piece.

It is a very specific skillset, and it is definitely not easy to find people who qualify. Everyone who tested for the position was legit, and remain legit regarding music.

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Everyone who tested for the position was legit, and remain legit regarding music.

But are they too legit to quit? 8O

Actually I gotta add this, the judge test thing TOTALLY made me think of this episode of The Twilight Zone - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLvu_bPqaL0

It's a classic :-D

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