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Super Mario 64: Portrait of a Plumber ART CONTEST!! Congrats to the winners!!


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Does the image have to be 100% complete to be submitted? My friend has a busy work schedule this weekend, and he's in the process of coloring a complex picture... but he doesn't know if he can finish it by Monday.

Hey! I'm the friend. I haven't finished it, but here is what I have done, so far:


I've been completely swamped with work these past few weeks and this is all I've been able to do. I plan on working on it bit-by-bit until it is done. With luck, I should have it finished this weekend, or Monday afternoon.

All that is left for me to do is add in the paintings, put a fire in the fireplace, lighting/shading, and texture work.

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  • Not that many entries, but some great ones!
  • We've picked a winner, but there were few enough entries that everyone who submitted will get SOMETHING!
  • For the album art, we're currently looking at combining elements from two of the entries to form a complete front cover - looking good so far!
  • We'll let folks know this week!

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