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Got FFIII today. I really like it. I like the old school FF games a little more than the new ones. I really don't care if it's outdated or whatever, I think it's pretty fun.

Hook me up with your FC!!

Here is mine:

4596 4561 0835

So, what exactly is wifi used for? Battling your teams ala Golden Sun, item trading, co-op?

Sending mail to one another in order to get certain unlocks and such. Other weapons and equipment, and apparently a whole dungeon.

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I love FFIII. First thing I notice from the beautiful opening and in-game appearance is that the graphic quality definitely reminds me of the PSX era of FF. Second thing, the music is definitely great. I wish for better output quality, but as is it sounds wonderful. Also, for some reason I just love using the touch screen. If I don't have the ability to focus on tapping where I mean to it's a bit annoying and I resort to the buttons, but otherwise the touch screen just seems to make the game even more fun. Also, jobs FTW.

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Star fox command = Total let down. I'd rather have a SF64 port than this crap.

Yoshi's Island DS = Decent gameplay, very close to the original in style with some cool new ideas and features. Very long levels. Terrible music :(

Final Fantasy 3 - Nice and oldschool. Absolutely great music. Enjoyable, but don't forget to save whenever you're on the world map ... death comes swiftly.

Children of Mana = I'm trying this next

Diddy Kong Racing DS + Castlevania PoR = I have very high expectations for these games...

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Since I can't play Wii yet...I really have to recommend Bomberman Land Touch. So many great mini-games plus online classic Bomberman ftw.


Picked up EBA and Yoshi's Island. Former is awesome all over, latter is killed by bad music.

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The gameplay is okay. Pretty close to the other Mechassault games but with *very* precise aiming.

I honestly wouldn't recommend it though...no online and every player in multiplayer needs a copy of the game.

MS doesn't know what to do with the Battletech franchise I tell you, I would have loved it had they made a MechCommander-esque strategy game for the DS instead of that vanilla Mech-Assualt crap.

That would be so fracking awesome.

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So, anyone get that bonus from connecting to Animal Crossing WW to the Nintendo WFC?

Yup, just connected and got it. Master Sword.

Thanks for the reminder :P It came out the 17th, but you can still get it apparently.

Yeah, it's until the 24th I think. I think I'll do it today or tomorrow.

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