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  1. So, forgive my ignorance as the torrent has yet to download, but what was the second surprise exactly?
  2. It'd be nice if the big secret were Eveline Fischer.
  3. Game music defined my musical propensities in total, and I have no love at all for the mainstream.
  4. Nerfing the Fists of Steel was an egregious error.
  5. Who here wants Natascha to return to its pre-119 state?
  6. If "Boss Boogie" remains a boogie, then I will be contented.
  7. Amen. Unfortunately, Shinichi Shimomura--the presumed creator of Dark Matter/Zero, Gooey, and the Animal Friends--has since faded into obscurity.
  8. I was hoping for a Zero Three, but it doesn't seem as if that's a possibility with this art style.
  9. Neblix isn't being a music snob--he's expressing his opinion.
  10. You wouldn't happen to be the same Saxman that used to post on FUS, would you? Edit: You are. How unfortunate.
  11. Sounds excellent! Much better conclusion than before, and in my opinion, it makes the original NSMBW castle theme sound even better. Makes me wish that segment were longer. Also, will you be including this in a full version of the track?
  12. Overall, an outstanding effort. The album does a good job showcasing the talent of the individual artists, and although there were some questionable genre choices--in my opinion anyway--most of the tracks were enjoyable to listen to. It's a well-known and oft parodied fact that I do not fancy vocal music for various reasons--aside from the "social conformity" vitriol, which was purely farcical--and so I will refrain from commenting on the vocal tracks. However, I will acknowledge the work and dedication put into them, and the fortitude of the vocalists for being comfortable with their voices. I'm also grateful to Neko for providing us with an instrumental version of his piece, which allowed me to thoroughly relish his music. David Wise and his fellow composers also deserve accolades of course, and I thoroughly enjoyed his reinterpretation of "Donkey Kong Rescued". My next favorite track happens to be Mazedude's "Dead Raggening"; I knew I would adore it ever since I first heard a preview of it, and I love his work.
  13. It'd be hard for me to choose between the two. They're both my favorite all-time games.
  14. Awesome remix of one of the highlights of that game's soundtrack. Can't wait to hear the finished product.
  15. It's an old sig. It's meant to represent the United States of America as a country that should model itself after the Galactic Empire from Star Wars. Oh, and an animated gif of Yoda getting owned by Palpatine in front of a live audience.

  16. I knew this would pass with flying colors. Excellent job Prototype!
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