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OCR02870 - Donkey Kong Country 2 'Dead Raggening'

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A Mazedude remix that has no comments? What is OCR coming to? :<

This arrangement certainly comes from left field, which is great considering that the source is a bit on the boring side. I never knew about the composer homage, so that was an interesting bit of trivia. Very slow, very haunting and actually really cool (but then again what else do we expect from Mazedude).

Not much else that I can say, another showcase of Mazedude's versatility and ability: it's always worth a listen.

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I've had this on my MP3 every since Serious Monkey Business, but I never really had the perfect words to describe the ReMix itself. I'm really taking a liking to the term "aggressive ambiance" though. It just keeps building and building and building and then by the time it hits the 3rd minute, it's all out, powerful as all hell and dark. So creative. Another wonderful mix from Mazedude.

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Oh God, Screech! I will never forgive you for how many lives you made me lose to your stupid race!


This is a very creative remix. I actually liked the slow three and a half minute build-up more than the crescendo at the end, which in comparison to the rest of the track, wasn’t as interesting. The kick bass during the first minute was really good, and in an odd way, soothing. It’s definitely aggressive ambient.

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