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I'm singing Jin Kazama's theme song in Tekken 3rd

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Hi everyone,

Since it's game related, I thought I'd post here about the new Tekken 3rd Pachinko Slot game that's debuting July 6th 2014.

I'm performing Jin Kazama's theme song. The song name is Black Blood Destiny.

You can hear it (albeit briefly) here @ 5:05.

And the homepage is here:


Although there's still not much information yet.

I recorded the song at the Namco Bandai studio here in Tokyo last year.

It was great fun to chat with the songwriters and music directors at Namco.

There was a big pre-release launch event yesterday, so I went to that and was able to finally hear the song in-game for the first time.

I'm sure there's some Tekken fans here at OCRemix, so there you go.

I'm also singing in another famous fighting game series, but there's no official info yet so I can't say anything...

Thanks for reading!


Check out my new musical project SFAIRA!


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Would you ever be open to collaborating with vocals for OCR? :<


I've actually never collab'd with another OCRemixer.

I guess it would depend on the song and if I really liked the mix I was presented with. I'm not closed to the idea though.

Chernabogue, Phonetic Hero

Thanks guys. Once the official version gets released, I'll try to add a link to a video or soundcloud etc.

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Very cool! I've never even PLAYED pachinko once in my life, but I know it's huge over there... cool break/opportunity!

Thank Dave. Yeah it's absolutely EVERYWHERE here. The best part was spending the time with the Namco Bandai staff at there building, that was interesting.

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The soundtrack for the album has been turned into a video at


Just push the play button on the embedded video and another small window will open. Push that play button and the songs will play back to back.

BLACK BLOOD DESTINY is track #2 starting at 02:04. It's almost the full song, it's only missing the 2nd verse and 2nd B melody (maybe a full release in the future??)

Thanks for listening!

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