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Guardians of the Galaxy

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A person may play a 40-hour video game once. Another person may watch a two-hour movie six times. To make a tired point, which one of us is truly crazy?


$60 game for 40 hours of entertainment. $60 in movie tickets for 12 hours of entertainment. The debate rages on.... somewhere else.

Movie was great though. It was everything Star Wars wants to be, and needs to be now. Abrams has a high bar to jump over with Episode 7.

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We already knew Strader was crazy, that's no revelation. :lol:

Yeah but I'm the good kind of crazy. Dedicated and passionate about the things I love, such as Nicolas Cage and his incredible films. Face/Off is an undeniable American action classic. Guardians of the Galaxy might be considered a classic someday, but to see it 6 times?! THAT'S CRAY

It ain't no STAR WARS.

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Finally saw it and I wasn't disappointed. I laughed a lot.

The film was a nice and fresh touch Marvel needed before Age of Ultron.

(Minor) SPOILERS!!

However, I noticed a mistake in the movie: Peter Quill mentions Jack Sparrow, but he never returned to Earth after being kidnapped in the 80's. Soooo....

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