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ReMixing To-Do Lists (post yours here!)

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Audio files. 24 bit audio takes up a fair chunk of HDD space. That also contains all the alternate takes, snapshots, edits and all that. Once I finish a project I consolidate all the audio to only the tracks that I consider to be the final takes. That brings the project size down to about 500mb-1gb.

Then the next question would be, how big's your friggin HD? That one folder would take up almost half my space alone.

I wish I had a powerhouse computer like yours.. -_-

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In Progress and Need to finish:

-"Plumber's Bane": Both 1st and 2nd movements.

-"Hidden Palace Theme" (Sonic 2) [started 2005!!]

-"The Sad Little Mushroom" (Super Mario Medley and Storyline. Almost done)

-"From Across the Fields of Hyrule" (Zelda's Theme (OoT) vs Star Wars (I really like this one))

-"Death Mountain Theme" (LttP) vs Star Wars (lost sequencer file)

-"Battle of the Hylian Hero: 2nd Movement"

Like to attempt:

-Something from Sailor Moon: Another Story

-Something in a style similar to "Hard to Starboard" by James Horner

-Something from Mega Man 4

-Take the Intro from Alley Cat (an old IBM computer game from 1984), a tune that is nothing more then a series of BEEBS from the PC Speaker, and turn it into a full orchestral piece. hahah!

-"Main Grounds Theme" or "Portrait Gallery Theme" or "Conservatory Theme" from "The Addams Family" (SNES).

Well, I can cross a couple of the 'Like to attempt' list. I just finished and submitted "Nightmare on Cemetery Lane", a remix in of the Main Grounds Theme from the Addams family which was in the style of 'Hard to to Starboard' by James Horner. woo hoo.

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