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ReMixing To-Do Lists (post yours here!)

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So it's been a little while. Most of our lists look quite a bit different, I imagine. Post your updated remixing to-do list!

sephfire's list (as of 3/1/07)

In Progress:

Pokemon - "Indigo Plateau" (feat. zyko)

Shadow of the Colossus - "Intro" (feat. Ceili)

Psychonauts - "Black Velvetopia"

To-Do: (not necessarily in order)

Okami - "Giving Kushinada a Ride" or "Northern Country Kamui II"

Katamari Damacy - "Katamari on the Rocks" or "You Are Smart"

God of War - "The Vengeful Spartan" or "The Great Sword Bridge of Athens"

Kingdom Hearts 2 - "Passion/Sanctuary"

Possibilities for the future:

Escape from Monkey Island

Perfect Dark

Indigo Prophecy

Metroid Prime - "Data Selection Screen"

Original Post:

I tend to keep a long list of games that I intend to remix in the future. To satisfy everyone's curiosity (and give remix fans a special glimpse of what they can look forward to) post your remixing To-Do lists here! I'll go first:

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E.G.G.M.A.N (Sonic Adventure 2 - learning to sing and including lyrics)

In Progress

Tidal Tempest Zone (Sonic CD jap)

Underground Zone (Sonic 2 gg)

Stage Theme (Bubble Bobble)

For the Future

Simple and Clean (Kingdom Hearts)

Spinderella / Baby Face (Dynamite Headdy)

Atolm Dragon (Panzer Dragoon Saga)

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Dunno if this will be moved to the WIP forum, but any ways, long list you have there Sephire. At least for my workload.

I have other non-remixing stuff to do so my list isn't really long by any means.

In Progress

Tales of Symphonia - Sheena's Theme (for Summoning of Spirits)

Chrono Trigger - Guardia Forest (collab with Doomsday)

To Do

A Tetris Attack remix- that is, if DJBren responds to my PM to join his project.

To Be Judged

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow - "Dracula's Servants"

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In Progress

Zelda 64 - Credits (collab with Math Blaster)

Sonic 3 - Hydro City Act II (arrangement for jazz ensemble)

In Queue Line

Sonic & Knuckles - Lava Passion (remix of Lava Reef, obviously)

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Dancing with the Dragon (remix of Dancing Dragon Dungeon)

Near Future

Gauntlet - Song C, Game Over, and sax solo for a collab (for my site project Running the Gauntlet at OverLooked ReMiX)

Possibly a Pokémon remix for this month's Dwelling of Fools

Distant Future

OCR Project feat. Ducktales, Ducktales 2, and Darkwing Duck (god only knows when I'll get around to this...)

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In Progress (aphabetical order, not in order how tracks will be released):

Jazz Jackrabbit - Opening (1% done)

Parasite Eve - several themes (10% done, lost in translation)

Turrican 2 - Freedom (60% done, WIP on my page)

Saga 1-3 - Opening (80% done, WIP on my page)

Space Invaders - Main melody (5% done)

REDUX (aphabetical order):

Seiken Densetsu - Sad Theme (lost in translation)

To Engineer (aphabetical order):

Chrono Symphonic - Special Edition

Trenthian - Chrono Trigger Mitsuda Traveler (still being arranged)

JJT feat Zyko, JJT's brother - Mega Man 3 Metal Man

Trenthian - Street Fighter 2 Guile's Mile Long Dong

More detailed list, and some more random crap, here

List looks huge, but I barey release anything (neither original nor remix), so keep that in mind. Just writing down some ideas, if they turn out well is another thing.

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Final Fantasy 7: (confidential)

Chrono Series: Radical Dreamers, Robo's Theme, Schala's Theme, Another World (With Sixto and ktriton. Yes, that's all one mix)

Chrono Trigger: Millenial Faire (with Zircon)

Chrono Trigger: Schala's Theme (with ambient. May also incorporate a few other tunes)

(hopefully) SOON TO COME:

Sonic 3: Lava Reef (with the Prophet of Mephisto)

Xenogears: The Jewel Which Cannot Be Stolen

Yoshi's Island: Boss 1 Theme (with the Prophet of Mephisto)

Xenogears: Gathering Stars in the Night Sky (Possible ressurrection of "A Star Freezes Over")

(a series of Squaresoft tunes with Darangen, LuizA, Level 99, and Pixietricks)


DKC2: Mine Theme

DKC: Gangplank Galleon (OLmix)

Castlevania: Bloody Tears (celtic mix)

Mario RPG: Smithy's Factory/Battle Theme (celtic/ballad mix)

Xenogears: Stars of Tears


Chrono Cross: Gouldove

Tsugunai: Morning Fog in the Village

Chrono Trigger: To Faraway Times

Tetris Attack: (pretty much the whole soundtrack)

Xenogears: (see Tetris Attack)

Chrono Cross: (see Xenogears)

(there might be a few I'm forgetting)

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I pretty much copy/pasted my current list as-is, so you'll have to forgive the unreadable formatting.

To remix:

Panzer Dragoon Orta -- ending theme?

PD Zwei -- theme?

PD Saga -- rest?, zoah?, caravan?, main theme?

Zelda -- Last Day (MM), Fairy's Theme?, (LttP), (Wind Waker)

Chrono Cross -- Another Arni Village, Dimension Breach, Jellyfish Sea, Dead Sea, Star-stealing Girl

Radical Dreamers -- Under the Moonlight, Portal to Open Ground, Final Confrontation

Final Fantasy V -- Fate in Haze?

Final Fantasy VI -- Tina/World of Ruin remix, Mog(?)

Final Fantasy VII -- Baroque Boss, Fisherman Billy/(Chocobo Horizon)? (Farm Boy)

Final Fantasy VIII -- Tifa/Julia/Relm

SoM/FF6 -- Terra's Fear

Super Mario RPG -- Monstro Town?, Forest Maze?

F-Zero -- Sand Ocean

Grandia II -- Despair and Hope

*Paper Mario -- Intro

Phantasy Star III -- Title theme?

Mario 64 -- Ending theme?, star/cap/Debussy medley



Shenmue II -- Langhuishan

SRW -- Data load?, intermission?, Mazinger Z

UW2 -- Mast in the Mist?

Koi ha Balance -- Medley?

Ico -- Castle in the Mist?, You were there?, Shadow?



Final Fantasy I -- Slain? (circle of 5ths mix: FFA 2nd overworld theme)

Sonic CD?

Kirby's Dreamland 3

Kingdom Hearts?

Castlevania: SotN - wandering ghosts

Mario Party?

sonic adventure - fakery way


secret of mana?

Grim -- angelitos


MechWarrior 2?

atomic bomberman?

vagrant story


lunar -- boat song, opening

katamari damacy

halo a capella?

umihara kawase?


Totoro -- Intro song

Pokemon -- Nyaasu no Uta

Powerpuff Girls - Intro

foster's home - intro

the batman -- opening

Escaflowne -- Sora/Satie


samurai champloo?


dream on/lover I don't have to love

clubbed to death/aerodynamic

feel good inc/dare


cave story




ct reborn

tetris attack?

kirby ss?


i mario?


link's awakening?

chrono cross, chrono trigger piano?


possible projects/dod themes:

uncharted waters/yoko kanno tribute

kh/shimomura tribute

iwadare tribute

sakimoto tribute






sd1 (ffa)

ff1, ff5




guilty gear

mega man/mmx


radical dreamers

cv 3, sotn

phantasy star

shiina ringo - koufurukon, kabukicho, honnou, gibbs, stem, ichijuku, la salle..., yamini...?, ringo no uta, shuukyou, tsumiki?, tsumi to batsu?, okonomide?, meisai?, sounan?, koko de kiss?, marunouchi?

Coincidentally, this list almost doubles as a request list. So if anything catches your interest, by all means go for it. :P

Edit: Uhhh, how does this qualify as asking or answering "technical questions related to ReMixing"? I could see this being useful in the ReQuests forum, though.

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This isn't a remix list, but rather stuff I've been wanting to write lyrics to/record

FFIV - Into the Darkness

FFX - Suketi Da Ne english translation

FFX - Bisaido Island

Megaman X2 - Near whole soundtrack (story-type album like Coheed and Cambria)

Things I've been wanting to record acappella

FFX - Trial of Ordeals

Things I hopefully will somehow write an accompaniment for

ToP - Desolate Road

FFX - Bisaido Island

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In Progress:

Eternal Champions - Intro

You have no idea how much you just made my day. Oh Em Gee.

Also, my list i suppose..



Hotel Martinette-Song of Storms

Prime Material-Metroid Prime 2

Mute City

Hope to do:

Eternal Champions - All of it.

Legend of Mana - Main theme.

Xenon 2 - Megablast.

The Last Ninja 2 - Title Theme.

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