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OCR03017 - Shuttle Rush 'The Observer'

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Gotta admit that this is unexpected for me. I've heard some of Pete's stuff and it was mostly percussion-heavy tracks with some synth and other stuff. But when I've heard piano and brass and other orchestral goodness, I was quite surprised in a good way. Of course, the percussion breaks in later, but the track doesn't become less good. BTW, I've got some similiarity of this and "Mega Blocked" in bass melody. Maybe it's just me... Anyway, superb thing, it's worth your listening.

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Love the intro build to this one. Phonetic Hero's percussion skills are strong and it served him well in this. Maintains some beautiful sounds while spreading some breakbeat all around, which sounds great. Great use of the piano, synths and brass for sure.

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Interesting mix -- it starts off as a cinematic track, but quickly evolves into something else. The blend of electro elements and orchestral stuff works quite well here. Some samples sounded a little off (the brass at some points), but other than that, no problem. Neat percussion too. Nice job! :)

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