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PS1 20th anniversary album [CANCELLED :(]

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Hm, choices choices. I like the idea of a full OCRA album, but not so much opening it up to all ps1 games. That IMHO will lead to the typical games you see in OCR's top listings (FF, Chrono Cross, Meg

I'm trying to restructure the album idea a bit, since I didn't make it in time for the 20th anniversary and I don't wanna wait for the 25th   I'll make a post in the next few days with more details

Sorry to keep you guys waiting! I've been extra busy, but here's a short summary of where this album is headed next. I'll be updating the first post later today.   Short summary: Top 6 games listed

Got an e-mail from Jorito, and am really looking forward to working on the Ridge Racer track. I'll leave it to his vision to determine if I can match what he's looking for, but after working with him on the Shovel Knight compo, I'm very optimistic about it. :)

Did anyone volunteer vocals for this album or should I go beg random people? :)

As for this, if anyone else is looking for vox, feel free to reach out....even if you think I might not be a good fit, I always enjoy auditioning for something different and exercising some stylistic range.

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Vib-Ribbon - Sunny Day -> I love this song so much. Looking someone to remix it preferably J-pop style. Though I'd probably allow just plain old pop or maybe even a dance remix. Vocals are a must! Lyrics could be re-written and sung with less engrish I suppose.

If nobody claims it in a month or two, I'm doing it myself. And I promise I'll find someone other than me to sing. :tomatoface:

Was reading back for a bit inspiration and dug up this jewel of a quote. Since it's nearly 3 months later, we wouldn't want to forget about it, now would we? ;)

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Hey Ivan,

I'm probably going to get a new PC sometime in May, so I should be able to do up a much better WIP for VS Raminescence in theory by then - I'll probably be able to do it solo too, as I'll have access to all of my libraries (in theory).

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Ivan made me do it. He selected such a good source track that I couldn't resist.

Since the first track is nearly done, sign me up for another one: Suikoden 2's

. Time for something less upbeat and acoustic!
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Another notice: there's a bit over two weeks left until the WIP deadline. I'll send out a PM soon to everyone who hasn't supplied a WIP yet, as a reminder.

We're limited on time and I'll have to be strict with the deadlines. But like I said, anything is a WIP. Just show me that you're working on something.

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