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[AAC] [2015] Bravo Bracket - Round 2


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Competition Main Page

Voting Starts On Feb 9 2015 00:00 EST And Ends On Feb 14 23:59 EST.

Voting Rules

  • The organizer can only vote in order to tiebreak.
  • Voting should be based on asking yourself the following questions.
    • Is at least 50% of the source material used?
    • How well is the remix composed, arranged, produced, and mastered?
    • How well do you enjoy the remix?

    [*]Please vote for your top three choices.

    [*]Using the artist's name or song title both work when voting.

    [*]Example Vote_shadow24.png

    [*]Counts for votes go as following (1st => 3pts, 2nd => 2pts, 3rd => 1pt).

    [*]Remixers cannot vote for the song that they made.

    [*]Any remixer in the competition who votes will automatically receive 3pts towards their entry because they voted.

Download The Remixes

Source Songs

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