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PRC291 - Remixes From the Sky (Pop'n Twinbee)

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The People's Remix Competition 291


Hello everyone and welcome to the People's Remix Competition!

Last round three songs were submitted, Supercoolmike did a bonus mix, Gercr claimed the wooden spoon and DjMokram returned with a victory.


Pop'n Twinbee, a marvelously colorful shooter, full of glorious music by the Konami Kukeiha Club that needs MOAR remixing.

My pick is 'Far East Sky ~ stage 3', with midi transcription courtesy of VGM legend: Rexy. Have fun with this source everyone!

MIDI link: www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/popntwinbee-stage3.mid


Source: Pop'n TwinBee (SNES) - Stage 3 (Far East Sky)

MIDI Source or check the Vgmusic link in the quote above.

Source Wikipedia

ThaSauce link: Click here to submit

To submit a song at the compo page a ThaSauce account is required.

If anyone has problems with registering or uploading the song to ThaSauce, please upload the song somewhere else and post a download link in the thread. I recommend Soundcloud, don't forget to allow downloads to enable me to upload the song at ThaSauce.

To register and submit, do the following.

  1. Click the ThaSauce link.
  2. Click the 'You are not logged in' button in the upper right.
  3. Click on 'register' (at the bottom).
  4. Read the terms and click 'I agree to these terms'. If you don't agree with them, upload the song somewhere else and post a download link as mentioned above (by doing that, you allow me to upload the song at ThaSauce.
  5. Continue the process by filling in your information.
  6. A confirmation mail will be send. There might be some issues with it (meaning that you don't get it), if that is the case, upload the song somewhere else as described above.
  7. Once registered, login with your username and password, go to the mentioned page and submit the song. If you want submit two or more songs you can create multiple ThaSauce accounts or upload the song somewhere else and post the download link.

PRC instructions

  1. Limitations at ThaSauce require your entry to be 20 MB or less in size. Length for length's sake and MIDI rips are not allowed (only as Bonus Mixes).
  2. Entries must be posted in the ThaSauce link by Monday March 2nd 2015 at 10:59 am ThaSauce time (18:00 UTC, 19:00 GMT), check the ThaSauce page for the exact time left.
  3. You may enter as many mixes as you like and work with as many people as you like on each mix. You are free to create a second ThaSauce account for that, it's needed to be able to upload a second remix. You can also upload it somewhere else and put a download link in this thread
  4. Do not make qualitative comments on an entry until the results of the vote have been posted in this thread.
  5. Mixers cannot vote for themselves but if they vote they recieve a free first place vote added onto their score.
  6. The winner of this round may select the source for PRC292.
  7. You can find the full rules list at this page as well.


PRC ThaSauce Home Page!

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Mokram, YOU ARE THE MAN. Not only did I indeed transcribe the source for everyone (like the good ol' days when I used to host PRC), but I also covered this in a past PunchFest competition. xD

It'll be cool to see what everyone will do with it!

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This IS the right opportunity. I'll do my very best to participate to honour the return of Dj Mokram! =)

edit: haha, not my kind of tune at all.. let's see what I can figure out to do with it.. ooh, there's a nice little Chrono Trigger/Castlevania: Symphony of the Night -type bit in it. And come to think of it, this isn't that far off from say Legend of Silpheed music or Zeliard, which I like quite a bit.. (it's not that I didn't *like* this type of tune, just that I don't know what to do with it. ok enough blabbering)

Edited by evktalo
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like the good ol' days when I used to host PRC
Yeah, I definitely wanted to give credit were due, because the hard work that goes into managing compos and transcribing tunes to midi is too often overlooked.
I've been wanting to remix something from it ever since... maybe this is the right opportunity?
No time like the present. Give it a go, see where it leads you. :)
edit: haha, not my kind of tune at all.. (it's not that I didn't *like* this type of tune, just that I don't know what to do with it. ok enough blabbering)
Well, you'll be glad to know the MMZ3 last round wasn't my kind of tune at all either. But then again, that's what the PRC is all about: pushing us to step out of our comfort zone. ;)
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Welcome to the voting stage

The mixing stage is over. This round has 4 songs. To vote, do the following:

  1. Visit the stated ThaSauce Page and listen to all the entries.
  2. Scroll to the form at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Fill in the entries from first to third.
  4. State a reasoning for it.
  5. Participants are encouraged to vote and leave feedback. However, they may not vote for themselve. They get a free first place if they vote. Non participants are encouraged to vote to decide the winner and leave comments as well. DjMokram has a vote that counts twice (if you have still troubles with ThaSauce, you can send the vote by PM).
  6. Always look in this thread to find out who's the winner of the round after the voting stage instead of only looking at ThaSauce for the results.

You have until THIS Wednesday, March 4th 10:59 am ThaSauce time to vote. Check the ThaSauce page for the exact time you have.

The winner may choose the source tune for PRC292.

Check the ThaSauce Page to vote.

If anyone have issues voting via ThaSauce you can vote by sending me a PM at Ocremix.

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DjMokram has a vote that counts twice (if you have still troubles with ThaSauce, you can send the vote by PM).

Forwarded you the votes, sir.

Oops, I completely slept through this.
God damn I totally forgot about this :(

Life happens guys, no worries. :)

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It's results time.

Total number of mixes - 4

Total number of votes - 5

lastplace.jpgHollow gets the last place wooden spoon with 6 points.

thirdplace.jpgGercr gets third place with 10 points.

secondplace.jpgSupercoolmike gets second place with 11 points.

firstplace.jpgAnd the winner of PRC290 is YoshiBlade. with 11 points.

Congratulations YoshiBlade, you are the winner by unanimous decision. You may select a source for PRC292. Send your source to me (with a MID/MP3 file, otherwise send a second source with a MID file) by PM, other options are PM me @ ThaSauce or by e-mailing to bambombim@gmail.com (I prefer a PM @Ocremix).

Send your source as fast as you can, but before this Friday (6 March), 10:59 AM ThaSauce time.

You may select any source from any game, as long as it doesn't have an Overclocked Remix and it hasn't been on PRC before. Check it at the list:


http://bambombim.googlepages.com/PRCRemixList.doc (also downloadable via the link above).

You can leave comments here (or in this thread):


Glad to see such a great turnout. T'was a hard vote for sure!

yoshiblade: Poppin' Twinbee. I see what you did thar! The bubbling could have used a little more variation, or could have been skipped every other measure. The rest of the mix is really spot on, if a little conservative. You transcribed the fun/easy-going vibe of the game soundtrack pretty well. Especially liked the drumrolls and creative flourishes with the lead melody. The mid-song breakdown/fake-outro was a really nice touch. Solid production also, which is always a good thing in my book. You are winner! ;)

hollow: The mix feels a bit too liberal, despite the repetition. And even in these instances, only part of the melody can be clearly identified, which pushes the concept of remix a little too far perhaps. Production is a bit rough around the edges (overpowering xylo), but your pizzicato strings and lead violin sounded incredible. I see you point about FF8's breezy, and you know what: I wouldn't have minded a proper medley of both sources. Still thanks for giving this source/game a shot.

supercoolmike: Really nice, laid back take on the source, deliberately light on the soundscape to let the accoustic guitar shine right through, and I freaking loved it. Could the remix have been more fleshed out, or better produced? Yes. But your arrangement oozes emotion and captures the essence of the original, which is really important to me as far as interpretation goes. I hope you'll finish this one eventually. You've got some great remixing ideas/concepts Mike, so stop downplaying them. ;)

gercr: Whistling is proly the most under-used tool in a remixer's arsenal. I understand where you were going with this, leaving out the drums and exposing the melody for a more heartfelt take on the theme. Alas, I wish you'd have brought the whistling in the forefront. It really deserved to be the star of the show here. It's like an old-school anime theme, which fits the feel and aesthetic of the game perfectly. Definitely an unexpected take on the source, unfortunately held back by its mixing choices imho.

Thanks for giving this underrated game some remixing luv everyone!

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For the one who asked, yep thats my whistling (where are my extra points hehe). It was really a last minute idea (20 minutes before the deadline), so i didnt have the time to mix the whistling properly and to make it fit in the mix like I wanted (granted I dont think it was that awful either), also there are two whistling voices at the same time because just one sounded a little simple, so I ended up using the best two takes (of like five), hehe. I think I will give it another try some other day, if the source seems fit for it. Im kind of glad I didnt end up using the guitar, because whistling was really fun.


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congrats to Yoshiblade!

I kind of wished I had more time to work on my song since it had a good turnout (ohh well there's always next time), And thx for that enthusiastic review there Yoshi. Shit was so random I just had a good laugh when reading it.

Seriously! I was listening to your track and I'm like Damn..this is fresh and if this is was in a finished form, I wouldn't have stood a chance...DON"T LET THIS ONE GO!! Keep working on that, I want to hear it in it's finished form either way!!

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