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BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume I - History


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Cataclysm? Catastrophe? Or, maybe a whole new set of alliteration for the other languages.

Apex of Accident

Billow of Bad Luck

Destination of Destruction

Extremety of Evil

Fastigium of Fright

Height of Hostility

Growth of ... I can't think of anything for "G"

But, a serious question, how many people are on OCR that can't speak english? I only have seen a few examples of people with poor english, asking for a request, unless there's something I'm missing here...

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is my English that bad?

*cries and goes to a corner*

No, you actually speak it well moreso than most other foreigners around here :) I'm not saying that "Crescendo to Catastrophe" is a rough title; I'm saying that there needs to be some more punch somewhere. (an odd choice of words, but it'll do.)

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I was thinking... some of these bosses have a reputation on the line.

Bowser for example. Orchestral, or rock? I think some of the tracks here are expected to sound a certain way. We wouldn't want Bowser's piece to end up as an over-interpreted orch/trance nightmare.

What does everyone here think? Some of these pieces should be restricted, right? I think so... what about you?

Also, I'm going to throw in... Sephiroth has three themes, right? "Those Chosen by The Planet", "Birth of a God", and, of course, "One Winged-Angel". Maybe those three should be as a medley, as we were discussing a few pages back, OWA has been done over and over, for the games and movies, and doing it alone would be a ludicrous attempt at redoing what has already been done and redone to death. Manji, are you listening? We got you to do Seph, right?

Questions? Comments?

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i think some tunes prob should be restricted a lil in terms of style. The restriction prob should just consist of the fact it can't sound completely different from the style and context of the boss and the game they're from.

As far as the sephiroth thing goes, just to do one winged angel remix would be kinda redundant, unless it's in some kinda crazy style that's really unique.

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Pocketman, it's one thing to keep genres the same as the original, but to be frank, Bowser's many boss themes have been taken through different genres. I'd say SMB1's boss was pretty "classical" (I'm imagining this on some organ), his boss theme in Yoshi's Island was metal, his music in NSMB sounded more "pop-like" to be frank (though that's probably limitations of the hardware), and his theme as used in Super Mario RPG seems to sound more like it's better set for pitched orchestration. I'd say the genre adaption for Bowser himself is pretty diverse.

Though, whatif some character themes seem to be a little mild? Looking at the multiple Cortex sources though, most of these sound more like they would come straight out of a secret agent movie given the motifs and whatnot, thus counteracting the orchestral/rock/trance aspect of the project. I see this as the more interesting direction to work with, as with what there is in the source tune I could be able to take it into a more free direction.

Again, no matter what, I say it's up to the user to create what kind of adaptation they want. It's not about what genre they pick; it's the way that they do it :)

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Well, I get your point, but get what I'm saying. Bowser is one of the most well known bosses around. Personally, I would feel disappointed if his track wasn't something you could mosh to.

I wouldn't want to restrict anyone, but the album has to have the right balance between rock and orchestra. Have you watched Advent Children, or listened to the soundtrack? Go, go out and listen to "Advent: One-Winged Angel". Perfect balance of the two.

From what I've heard, none of the music on OCR (that I can find) has the same feel and intensity. Thats what this album is all about. Blood, sweat, and tears should go into your work. This music isn't yours, its not the composer's. It belongs to their respective characters, and we need to represent those characters properly.

Bowser is known for his balance between chaos, darkness, and comedy. The music should correspond.

Sephiroth has an aura of seriousness and evil. He strikes fear into those around him, while at the same time attracting a huge fanbase for his mannerisms. The music should, again, follow the model of the character it is based upon.

Thats a keyword. Intense. It's not just music, this album has to be an experience. Not just "cool, our albums done. We have some fans.", but "Wow! That track was great! I cant wait to hear the rest of the album!"

EDIT: Yeah, Andross, huh? Go ahead, if you can get a WIP to me soon, or rather, an audition track, maybe? And, going with what's on the front post, maybe making Starwolf's theme into part of it. Like I said, try to keep within rock/orch, anything with seriousness to it.

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I guess there is a problem, that so many of those bosses have many different versions of themes. Maybe you should choose exactly what game you want to take their theme from. :?:

Same goes for someone like DeDeDe, pretty much the same song, but different way of doing it from dreamland 1 to 2.

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