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BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume I - History


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Welcome to the recruitment/interest thread for...

Crescendo to Chaos

A collection of themes from the most badass and memorable bosses in gaming history!

The basic idea of this project is to create one album to showcase some of the most well known bosses from video games. For bosses that have appeared in more than one game, the remixer has the opportunity to choose the game's theme he or she wants. If a boss has different themes throughout the series, there is no problem with an artist working them together into one piece.


 BOSS                   SERIES               REMIXER              
Andross Starfox
Bowser Mario leepmeister
Dark Force Phantasy Star
Dark Gaia Illusion of Gaia
Deus Xenogears
Dhaos Tales of Phantasia ShinnyMetal
Dr. Robotnik/ Eggman Sonic POCKETMAN
Dr. Neo Cortex Crash Bandicoot
Dr. Wily/Sigma Megaman
Exdeath FF 5 pu_freak
Ganondorf Zelda
Gary Oak Pokemon
Giygas Earthbound
Golden Silver Gunstar Heroes
Gruntilda Banjo-Kazooie The Joker
Justice/Judgment Guilty Gear
K. Rool Donkey Kong
Lavos Chrono Trigger Kanjika
LeChuck Monkey Island Abadoss
The Mana Beast Secret of Mana
Mother Brain Metroid anorak
M. Bison Street Fighter pu_freak
Ramirez/Zelos Skies of Arcadia
Saturos and Menardi Golden Sun Dash Myoku
Sephiroth Final Fantasy Tensei-San
The Sinistrals Lufia

“Joke” track, for teh lulz:
The Great Mighty Poo (Sloprano) Conker’s Bad Fur Day Abadoss
Those damn 'S' and 'Z' blocks Tetris ShinnyMetal
YOU WILL REGRET THIS funding cut man Sim City

Can provide

live instruments:

Electric Guitar - Fishy, Tensei-San, LulzA

Acoustic Guitar - LulzA, Chavous

Bass - LulzA, leepmeister

Precussion - the-almighty-tallest

Keyboard/Piano - mlo, pu_freak

Tenor Sax - mlo

Clarinet - mlo, MagiNinjA

Flute - rpgamer180

Whistles- Pi_r_[]ed

Accordion - Pi_r_[]ed, mlo

violin - James George, MagiNinjA

Viola - James George

Bass - James George


Baritone - Abadoss

Web Space:


Website Design:



WIP and art forums be here. <-ONLY KEPT FOR REFERENCE. NO POSTING!

Newer, better, shinier ones are here


Any genres of music can be used as long as they've got a deep, profoundness that express the players concerns, and the power and domination the boss exerts. Basically, dark and boss like will do. Preferably Orchestrated, Techno, and Rock, or a sick sounding combo. Avoid ambiance, if possible. Other genres are ok, too. Just check with the coordinators.

Other important notes

If two bosses have a special connection, with different themes (Ex: Bowser, and Big Boo; Mother Brain and Ridley), and one is not on the list, you can combine the two (or more), as long as the listed boss remains dominant. Ask about any of this if you are not sure.

A brief history of time (spent on the project, anyway):

Started July 14
Kanjika chosen as co-coordinator July 18
Stopped taking Boss suggestions July 21
Voting ended July 28
Listed "final" tracklist July 30
Hit 10,000 PageViews Oct. 11
Moved to General Discussion Oct. 21
New tracklist updates Nov. 26
Moved to WIPs Dec. 10
mlo signed up for co-coordinator Dec. 15
mlo and pu_freak made co-art directors Dec. 26

[Period where I didn't bother to keep track of anything]

Another WIP date (3rd or fourth?) Sep. 7th

ZOMG! Wheres my favorite boss?!? You guys suck!

Just request it. We'll see where it goes from there.



Nothing yet. Too early, and we have a lot of improvements to make.


BOWSER: Leepmeister


SLOPRANO: Sleepy Emp

SIGMA: Doomsday



GIGLAMESH: pu_freak

M.BISON: pu_freak




GARY OAK: Tensei-San/the-almighty-tallest(collab) not enough done!


DARK GAIA: James George (midi rip)

GRUNTILDA: The Joker (needs more)

If you are in the middle two, you're fine. Keep working at it and soon these tracks will be amazing. If you are in the bottom category, you need to do something about this quickly, or if I have reviewed an old crappy WIP, send a new one to me and Pi immediatley. I will try to update this post from time to time, and put that quality list on the first post. Good luck to everyone and keep working.

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Hey Nineko, how do you say "Chaos Compendium - Crescendo of Catastrophe" in Italian? Is there a way to do that so that every word starts with a "c"? All of the words in that title are Italian or Greek anyway. Except the word "of". :)

Dr. Wily has a different BGM every time so I guess bringing him in wouldn't be a good idea. Shodan, maybe?

... I wonder if there's a game where God is the last boss.

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Hey Nineko, how do you say "Chaos Compendium - Crescendo of Catastrophe" in Italian? Is there a way to do that so that every word starts with a "c"?
it's pretty similar in Italian, as you noticed most of the words come from Latin so they don't change much. it's "Compendio del Caos - Crescendo di una Catastrofe". we just use more prepositions and articles. :lol:
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How about a remixer selects the boss he/she wants to tackle, and then selects the version of their music that they remix? I'm sure that would be more remixer-friendly, don't you?

Also, how about something simpler, like "Crescendo to Chaos"? Too many C's going on.


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Crescendo to Chaos? I like it! Thanks. By the way, the alliteration was for some humor. I did expect to change it some time during the course of a project.

Now, this is a recruitment page, so, isn't there anyone out there interested in joining? If someone reading this thinks they, or an artist they are familiar with would like to work on this project, don't hesitate to post yourself.

For selecting the music from which game they want to choose, I will leave that to be decided between me and the Remixer, unless there is a public demand for a specific one.

Arek, you wan't a spot in the special thanks? You got it.

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This actually does seem like it could be a sucessful project, and it's neat that all the themes are from different games. I wonder why someone hasn't thought of this...who says a remix project has to be only one game?

Anyway, I could write some music if this project were to ever go anywhere (certainly hope it does). Put me on the "interested" list.

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as mentioned before, the music for a boss changes through different games.

would I be allowed to remix robotnik's theme from Sonic A and you allowed to remix robotnik's theme from Sonic B? or there will be only one version for each boss?

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I would want to limit only one track to a boss.


If you want to, you and another artist, or just yourself, can get together to mix 2 themes for the same boss into one. Just as long as they fit.

As a side note, if anyone wishes to get into contact with a big name here at OCR, and see if they would want to help out, that'd be great. A big name might really help the quality, and popularity, of the album.

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Mr.. I'm sorry, is there a shorter version of your name to type?

I approve of widening the definition of remix projects with this. Some sort of piano performance for the final Bowser fight in SM64 would be awesome. Just a suggestion for variety beyond the obvious villian choices, but I guess that's up to the remixers and all involved.

Now, speaking of unique projects, I'd love to get a hip hop/rap one going, but I wouldn't have the pull within the community to the artists that would do it justice..

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Yeah. For now, anyone concerned enough to bother can call me Frank S. I'm really excited to see such enthusiasm for this project.

Again, in case you didn't read the edits I made to the first post, if you are interested in joining, post the piece you think would most express why you would be a good artist for this album. If you haven't made a piece on OCR yet, tell me where to find your music, or, if you are a complete n00b, I'll give you the oppertunity to work on the project, just don't screw us over by delaying, and delaying, and delaying...

Another thing, and it is probably way too early to start thinking about this, but is there anyone that wishes to do the album art?

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Heres a list of considered bosses.

Of course, it's not like I've plyed every game in existence, so any new boss themes that I have missed would be welcome:



Bowser/Bowser Jr/Koopalings.

Captain Syrup

Dr. Eggman/Robotnik

Dr. Neo Cortex/Uka Uka

Ganon(dorf)/Agahnim/Majora's Mask

Gary Oak


King Boo/Petey Piranha

King DeDeDe/Dark Matter

King K. Rool


Master Hand

Mother Brain/Kraid/Ridley


Again, I play video games I like playing. If I missed a great game with an amazing final boss, or secret boss, or whatever, post it!

On the other hand, if anyone is stongly opposed to a boss listed, bring up a good point as to why they shouldn't be used, and maybe they will be removed. One or two of these bosses may be using generic battle music without me realising it, so tell me if they are.

This is in no way a final list. I would like around 20-30 tracks in this album, so more will be added.

Now that I think about it, hidden bosses would make good bonus tracks, wouldn't they...

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Yeah i'm thinking this will eventualy get a go ahead.

You asked, and since i'm interested in this, I think I would be a good choice because I can create a quality mix in the style this project requires (probably something more intense, since it's about bosses :P ). I have no mixes on the site, but I last submitted to the panel in like, 2004, which explains why. I'll have a couple mixes on Project Chaos, or you can check my artist page in my profile for all my really crappy songs...

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Don't worry about it. Back before DJP let mods have power in the ironically-named Unmod, there was a plan for a project, made by Unmodders only, with a similar goal - remixing final boss music. I wasn't sure if the project was still active (since it had its own forum at the .org), so I was just mentioning it.

I'd trust Kyle if he says the project is dead.

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