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OCR03105 - Mega Man 2 'The Locker Room'


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Good heavens. I dare anyone to listen to this and not be immediately taken in by the attention to detail, the unique feel, and the vibrancy that suffuses the entire piece. I feel like I wandered into a jazz club where everyone was wearing Mega Man outfits. Some of my favorite sections (like 2:45-3:02) and the offbeat bluffs (~3:23) are so fun with their purposefully staccato and in-between-breaths nature.

Really, really unique and refreshing. A major piece here.

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A mix of chippy bits and sax in a jazzy soundscape? I'm all for it. It never becomes stale or stays in one spot for too long, getting more wild as time goes on. Though I'm more of a fan of the sections in which the sax and percussion seem to be more in sync, I don't mind when things break loose and it gets crazier. Not bad at all.

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