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RWS 3-4: The Greatest Rivals

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Season 3, Episode 4: THE GREATEST RIVALS

Welcome to another "Versus" edition of RWS! Previous episodes have pitted Mega Man against Mega Man X, and Disney characters against the spectrum of "M"-rated games, but this time we bring you perhaps the greatest rivalry of video game history: Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog!

Slightly different signup rules this time: The signup period has a hard deadline. No further signups will be accepted after that time (unless you want to do a bonus mix).

Stars, when you sign up, choose any one source from any Sonic the Hedgehog game. Spinoffs are fine, but no "SEGA All-Stars" or Mario & Sonic games.

Novices, when you sign up, choose any one source from any Mario game. Again, any game with Mario in the title is fine other than Mario & Sonic.

If you want to be flexible about being a Star or a Novice, choose one source of each type.

When the round begins, I will randomly pair Stars and Novices. Your job will be to create one remix using both sources. You can include other sources in brief roles if you choose.

About ReMixing With the Stars
ReMixing With the Stars is intended to give beginning remixers some support, encouragement, and mentoring in their quest to become great, and as a sidenote, to become posted remixers. Beginners are mentored by experienced remixers to push their abilities to new heights and submit collaborative works according to the theme of the month.

Who's a "Star" and who's a "Novice?"
There are no fixed rules on this. Originally, RWS treated anyone with an OCR mixpost as a "Star" and anyone else as a "Novice." Later it evolved so that anyone could elect to be a Star, but posted remixers couldn't be Novices. The reason was because a lot of really good remixers expressed a lack of confidence in their abilities and didn't feel they were good enough to mentor someone else, but RWS gets a lot more Novice than Star signups.

Now anyone can sign up as either, but please be honest with yourself. If you have several direct posts to OCR, you're probably in a better position to give help than receive it. If you have a giant bowl of Wooden Spoons from PRC and mostly only win by default, the reverse is probably true. But if you feel that you're pretty good and your OCR submissions just get NO'ed due to minor nitpicks, go ahead and sign up as a Star if you want. If you have been posted but each submission takes you months and multiple resubmits, feel free to sign up as a Novice. Or not, it's your choice. If you're on the fence, bear in mind that being a Star is a much smaller time commitment.

One caveat: This should not be your first attempt at creating music in a DAW. The Stars' job is to provide mixing, production, and arrangement advice. It's not to teach you how to choose or install a DAW, load VST's, work with a MIDI piano roll, arm your microphone, etc. If that's where you are right now, try PRC or MnP as a first compo.

  • Enrollment/Pairings: See special rules above.
  • Mixes: The Novice must be the primary remixer. Stars can contribute by giving advice, performing with a live instrument or vocals, and with production, including sample quality, balance, and minor arrangement adjustments to fix timing or dissonance issues. If you don't use the same DAW, you can exchange MIDIs or rendered stems. The Star may also contribute a short solo segment arranged entirely by them. No one other than the Novice and Star may help in any substantial way.
  • Submissions: All entries must be submitted to ThaSauce by the deadline. Check the ThaSauce page for the exact amount of remaining time (the image in my sig should also be correct). Give credit to your partner in the submission description, and provide link(s) to the source(s) you used. File sizes cannot exceed 20MB. If you have trouble uploading the file or getting a ThaSauce account working, post a link to your mix in this thread and I'll get it on there. If this is your first ThaSauce compo entry, don't do it at the last minute!
  • Voting: Use the ThaSauce page to vote. Entrants (Novices or Stars) may not vote for themselves, but your mix gets a bonus first-place vote if you vote. Support your partner by voting! The deadline is on the ThaSauce page (or in my sig, once voting has started).
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  • Season 2 Finale: "Rising Stars"

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I'm down with helping someone out on this one! I'll enrol as a Star, and use Sky Sanctuary Zone as my Sonic source.
Yeah, I thought you'd be a shoe-in for this one.
I'll sign up as a star again, but I'll wait on picking the Sonic source until a novice picks a Mario source.
Nope, that's the point! Mwa ha ha! Similar to Darkesword's compos, you don't get to find out what your partner's source is until you've both chosen and been randomly paired together.

Unless you're just waiting for someone to pick something, whether or not they get paired with you. I'm not sure how that would help you.

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Unless you're just waiting for someone to pick something, whether or not they get paired with you. I'm not sure how that would help you.

Yes. I'll just pick one that generally fits nicely if possible. I don't want to pick something too hard for a "novice".

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  • 2 weeks later...

There were three Novices on the waitlist this time, so using a slot and then going MIA is kind of uncool.


I think I'll instate a new rule going forward: if you get assigned a Star and then don't turn anything in, or do your mix so late that there's no time for your Star to help you improve it, you get bumped down to the bottom of the signup list next time.

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