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OCR03122 - Ultra Street Fighter IV 'Girl from Another World'

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Piano lead in with ambient trance beats is an awesome way to lead-in with a mix like this. Funny how you still were able to keep in some of the mysterious vibe from the original source even though you weren't sure of Decapre's character, which is a testament to the source itself and your choice for the genre of ReMixing it. This is an awesome take on her theme and a sweet addition to another great Apex album. Keep it up, Neblix, you're really ripping it up, man.

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This track is eerie, dark, kind of mysterious, and ambient. Like you’re going into a night club with the “wrong crowd” and you still wind up having a great time. Maybe you’re hooking up with a sexy dancer while you’re clubbing. This is the kind of vibe that I get from this track.

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A nice driving beat right from the start with eerie, ethereal pads creating a nice atmosphere while the main melody creeps in from the background. Strings add another layer of atmosphere before an excellent semi-breakdown in which the atmosphere continues to grow. The leads fit this track perfectly and the bass sits nicely in the back without being too OTT. Definitely a late-night club track.

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