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The Sig_shoppe returns


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I guess nobody is looking at the other Sig Shoppe thread, so I'll post my request here:

As you can see, I am in need of a new sig.

I would do one myself, but I'm way too frustrated with PhotoShop to give it a try, so I'm asking one of you more experienced guys to help me out.

I would like my sig to feature Lynx (from Chrono Cross), and have some sort of dark theme to it and a really cool background.

If anyone could hook that up for me, I would be very thankful.

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Doulifee, mind making me a Kula Diamond sig? I feel as though my mood has gotten better, so this sig does not represent how I feel anymore. Make it look like it has a "cold" or "icy" feel to it, while maintaining that kick ass style you have.

Thanks homie!

Thats good to hear you're feeling better, Arek. Drop by in the OCRC thread every now and again.

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Maco, you better post a link to the sig shoppe in the Help & Newbs forum in the first post, preferrably in enourmous, orange letters so that it's impossible to miss. That way requests will go to the right place.

i would like a new sig with sephiroth in it. i don't have a pic of him...i'm bummed. but i be really thankful.

Is this supposed to be a subconscious message of some sort? I'll see what I can find, but I'm cannot promise that it will be finished today or tomorrow.

Edit: Well what do you know, I did finish it today.


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Allright, news time.

I just joined two new forums.



Both of which support avatars.

In the hopes of both expanding interest, and spreading the shoppe. I am opening it up to Avatars. Make sure they are 100x100 pixels or less.

After thinking it over, I would like to keep the avatars a little distanced from the sigs. By that I mean, I will lump them together on the front page, outside the specific artist headings.

Anyone wishing to send em in, feel free.

As always anything is welcome, and feel free to make suggestions as well.




Just a couple because I know of OCR's new picture per post limit, and I don't want to do that many posts (I uploaded 24).


Thank you.

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