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The Sig_shoppe returns


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wish I can do more to it. oh well

I kinda like that actually...

It's uploaded, along with some avatars from Doulifee.

Thanks guys.

In other news, anyone interested in being an officer of sorts?

Being at college provides quite the distraction. I could use some help with keeping up the shoppe.

PM me and let me know.

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  • 2 weeks later...

From ye olde sig shoppe which is dead I s'pose:

Can someone make me a wip sig for a remix involving Kingdom Hearts II and Chrono Cross? kingdom_hearts_2_sc00.jpg


It's orchestral, called "Voyage" someone blend these two images together and use a classical/clean font. Very appreciated : D

just want it to say like Work in Progress: Voyage

arrangegd by Blake Perdue. whatever works. THXXx

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