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OCR03124 - Rockman & Forte 'Monsieur Mega'

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Oh my god, yes, I am totally getting the Morse funk vibe out of this ReMix (and the opening bit of the intro reminded me of the opening bit of the intro of Another Part of Me too). I'm enjoying the synthy retro take on the Museum stage here, and it feels like it fits right in with the Mega Man world, especially with some of it's later tracks. This is quite the debut mixpost, RoBTKA. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you on the front page more often. Damn good ReMix.

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Very groovy and funky, just as RoB usually does it. Not sure about the time signature, but I do like the percussion work here. It's very nice and isn't using too much instruments at the same time. The soundscape on some parts is interesting, and can still feel minimalistic. Nice job :)

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