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OCR03159 - Final Fantasy II "Analog Freedom"


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Somewhere, there are going to people who hear this song and think, "Hey, that's an interesting sound", and just leave it at that. I hope the remixer knows that there are people who listened to this and were truly impressed at the quality and feel that was created for this mix!! Well done!!

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Hey, this is an interesting sound. :P I kid, I kid. This is an impressive piece of music and I whole-heartily agree that this has all the makings of what it would have sounded like if 80's ballads had a an even better grasp of chip sounds and sound manipulation than they already did. Just wonderful. I really think this may be another one of my favorites from BONKERS. That ending as well, fine work man!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03159 - Final Fantasy II "Analog Freedom"
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This is great, so much going on in a short time and very well executed.  Great arrangement and excellent production.

I feel like there are a couple of references to the Beatles here:
0:00-0:16 is the intro for Because in the arpeggio
2:53-2:57 mellotron is the intro to Strawberry Fields Forever

Really cool to bring that influence into the track.  Cheers!

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