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OCR03214 - Super Mario World "Psy Castle"


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Hello :razz: 
Im B-laze aka fungist, and just found out about my submission went through after getting a PM on my soundcloud.
I came here to check and was overwhelmed by the good review of my track, however i was so sad to realise something have gone wrong with

my submission.
I have no idea how this could possibly happend as i looked through it many times, 

but i realised i have submitted a "early" version of the track.

The finished track wasnt the one i uploaded. It could be i had same name on both tracks and deleted the completed track instead of the "early" one,
and later exported the project again to upload to my social network.

This version here is almost done though, but it lacks proper mastering and mixdown, aswell as main bassline lacking a bit low's, so the LFO basses that comes in at 1:36 have too much bass compared to main line. Also a few sounds and leads are missing.

It seemed to get good review anyways so i gonna be happy and thankful for that.

please allow me to share the proper version here.
excuse me if that was rude of me :dstrbd:



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Great execution! I like the almost-Complextro feel of this. Good job on keeping the dynamics varied as well. Dat ring modulation at 3:16. :) I did hear a new bass at 1:43 in the new version (it fits). At 3:36, I actually like the older version---the newer version could have had a less piercing lead there. So maybe submitting the wrong track was a good thing! ;)

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Interesting take on the sub castle, it really does keep things fresh and has plenty of variation to keep you on your toes while listening. I especially thought the switch near the second minute was a nice piece of writing. I'm digging the beat of this and the aggressiveness of the synths, especially that bass and kick combo. The sound effects were not overused, just enough to add to the mix. Great sound, good production, and lots of good EDM energy. Nice work!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03214 - Super Mario World "Psy Castle"

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