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PS Vita: Why Should I Get It?


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Long story short, my PSP finally broke (internal screen cracks), rendering it unusable. I was so close to beating MGS Peace Walker too  :banghead:


Anyways, I figured it's high time I upgrade to a PS Vita. But of course, I have a few questions about it.


1) Is it able to play old PSP games? I have Peace Walker, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max, Tekken Dark Resurrection, Maverick Hunter X, and the like; and I would still like to play them.


2) Can I carry my PSP data over to my PS Vita? I really would like to finish Peace Walker without starting over from the beginning.


3) What games would you recommend for the PS Vita? This is something that's bothering me, because now I'm dealing with a brand new library of games.


4)Any other things I should know about the PS Vita? If you have anything else you feel like mentioning...please say so.


Thanks for reading.

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You can't use UMDs in a Vita, if that's what you mean. If you have those games digitally, then you can check a compatibility list. Generally speaking though, PSP games work on Vita.


Not sure about PSP data carrying over but I think it's possible.


Main game for Vita would be Persona 4 Golden. That's the system-seller-killer-app. Other games would be Muramasa: Rebirth and Street Figher x Tekken (I've been told that the Vita version is actually the best version of the game available). Gravity Rush is also fun. There are plenty of cross-play PSN games too. Fez, Dragon's Crown, etc.

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Not sure about PSP data carrying over but I think it's possible.


It is.  I don't have any direct experience with PSP to Vita, but I did transfer all my saves from PSP to PSTV, and the process is identical.  It requires a separate computer (PC or Mac, this works on both), installing Sony's Content Manager Assistant software on said computer, and a USB-to-miniUSB cable to copy your saves off the PSP.  If you're good on all of that, follow the instructions here.

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PSP is kinda lost to history right now, but you still get free PS VIta games per month through PS+ so it's not a bad deal. I've never bought a vita game before and I have a huge library of vita games.


But using it for remote play with the PS4 is as good of a feature on its own to justify having a vita

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PSP is kinda lost to history right now, but you still get free PS VIta games per month through PS+ so it's not a bad deal. I've never bought a vita game before and I have a huge library of vita games.


Having a PS Vita without PS+ isn't HALF as good as having one with; like Brandon, I've got a ton of freebie games, Sony has kept things interesting, and since I shilled out for the 64GB memory card (ugh) I've got a walking arcade.


Recommendations? Some duplicates based on what's already been covered, but:

  • P4G
  • P3P (PSP)
  • Jeanne D'Arc (PSP - best strategy RPG EVAHHHHHH)
  • Wipeout 2048
  • BlazBlue EX
  • LittleBigPlanet VIta (one of the best in the LBP series)
  • Rayman Origins
  • Killzone Mercenary (wins my award for best handheld graphics, plus actually seems a bit more FUN than other KZ games)
  • Tearaway
  • Danganronpa

I don't think you can go wrong with any of those, personally... I love my Vita, it lets me game in short spurts where I may otherwise not have the chance, the battery life is pretty darn solid, and resuming RIGHT back where you left off makes the whole thing pretty seamless.


Where did Sony go wrong? Capcom not porting SF4 didn't help, for one...3DS version is so gimpy... a shame.

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Other cool stuff:

* Disgaea 3 and 4

* FFX/X-2 remaster

* Dragon's Crown

* All those other weird NIS/Atlus JRPGs


Being the most powerful handheld it definitely gets its fair share of cross-platform releases. For whatever reason I just don't play a lot of console games these days, but if there's a handheld version I'm way more likely to play it, and you'll get the best experience with those on Vita as opposed to 3DS (if 3DS even gets the port at all.)

On the topic of PSP though, I maintain that it is the BEST retro emulation handheld by far. It's so awesome for that with the nice big screen, great buttons, USB connectivity, and the ability to even hook it up to a TV in HD if you'd like. It handles basically anything 16bit era or before flawlessly, which includes the entire NES library, GB, GBA, SNES, master system, Genesis, numerous arcade games, DOSBOX, and much more. Not to mention it plays the entire PS1 library as well without worrying about disc loading times! 

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I absolutely love my Vita.  In addition to the PS+ content, you will want the following (that other people haven't listed -- pay attention to djp's list especially!)


Muramasa Rebirth

Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

Velocity 2X*

FFIV: Complete Collection**

OlliOlli 2*

Sound Shapes*



*Also on either PS3 or PS4, but best on Vita.

**a PSP game, but a must-have on Vita as well -- the best remake of any of the FF games by a longshot.


Generally speaking, if there is a Vita edition, it's usually the best version of whatever game it is -- I particularly enjoyed Hotline Miami and Rogue Legacy much more on Vita than I did PC.

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I didn't pick up the Vita as I found the RPG library lacking.  It's why I loved my PSP, still use it to this day.  To add to zircon's comment about emulation, I would say that I enjoyed using my Google Nexus 7 tablet as an emulation device.  I was carrying the tablet around anyway, allowing me to bounce back using it for work and play.  Downside is you couldn't feel the buttons.  Too bad I sad on it, cracked the tablet.

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  • 2 months later...

I've actually had a fun time with it. P4 Golden has brought nothing but a smile to my face while I've been playing it, and as expected, the music is great too.

SFxTK has Gallery Mode (A Sound Test, Cutscene Viewer, and AR Mode), the characters that I wanted so bad in the PS3 version, and a Burst Kumite mode (So much fun!!). It even lets you play your own music (like the PS3 version) if you prefer. 

On another note, I finally got Ultra Street Fighter IV, and have been playing with Rolento, Yun, and Ryu (Ramen Shop/Alternate Costume 3) too much. 

Thanks for all of the recommendations guys, I'm actually planning on getting LBP Vita, BlazBlue EX, and the MGS Collection for Vita, to name a few. 


As for P4:DaN, I have mixed feelings, I know it's a great game, and it plays beautifully, but I feel it lacks a bit in content (only 27 initial songs, not including DLC). I'll probably end up buying it anyways though.

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2 hours ago, DarkeSword said:

I've heard it said that the Vita version of SFxT can be considered the definitive version of the game. I definitely have a ton of fun with it.

Whoever said that is right on the money. It has just the right amount of balance in gameplay, plus there's a good bit of pleasure in doing a Super Combo the way the game intended it (Special Movement + All Three Punches/Kicks)


I am sad that SSFIV:AE (or just SSFIV) and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (or Tekken 6) weren't ported to the Vita though. If Tekken 6 was able to be on PSP and SSFIV on 3DS, so how hard would it have been to port them to the Vita? I feel the same way about Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (probably would've boosted Vita sales as well as the game itself), Seeing as how games like PS-All Stars and of course SFxTK run so smoothly on Vita, I'm surprised Atlus never put P4A(U) on a portable console :/

Sorry, I kind of rambled my inner thoughts there for a bit :?

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