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  1. Haha..I'm a little behind checking the forum. Glad it's released!
  2. So when's the release date? Was I supposed to be part of the interview? Just curious, didn't see an email about it. Looking forward to it.
  3. Will the IRC channel go away? Or will we have both methods of communication?
  4. Any style/genre restrictions, other than it sounding Christmasy?
  5. Part of Kylo Ren's quality, I've noticed. He spoke differently with and without his mask. His tone was very strong, slow speaking, and commanding while with the helmet. But once he took it off, he spoke faster as if he was a different person. I didn't quite like it as it seemed like an oversight. But it's likely that he was hiding behind his mask, conflicting with who he really is versus who he wants to be. I'm not surprised if the later episodes will pull a Darth Vader where Kylo Ren will redeem himself.
  6. Sounds good. I don't hear many fade-outs in today's electronic music. Real guitars or plugin?
  7. Hi guys, it's been a month since my last update. Any comments on this piece before I finalize it? I appreciate it.
  8. Sephiroth's Violin is very well done. Sounds like he used samples from the original track. I'm curious if the violins were recorded or from a plugin.
  9. Hah, you ask people what DAW to use and you'll get all different answers. But seriously, Logic Pro.
  10. I'm unsure what the licensing is like, but plenty of game cover bands make money selling CDs or by playing concerts. Ask anyone who is part of MAGFest.
  11. It's really a combination of using midi files, searching for sheet music, or go by ear. Some of the more complicated ones I'd use midi files. I'd look at the midi file to at least see what is going on with the music, but it doesn't mean I need to use them, for example if I need to record it via guitar. If you're using a DAW, there might be a built-in transpose function, or just drag all the notes to the key you want.
  12. The Coop, how many tracks you got so far for this project? Just curious.
  13. Perhaps the ability for the remix posters to input their YouTube video ID, SoundCloud audio ID, or whatever. If filled in, the API will take care of it and pull in the comments. I wouldn't combine the comments into one thread though. The conversations flow within their own platforms. I'm a PHP/JavaScript programmer, so I can also help out if needed. It's interesting to see how many programmers there are on OC ReMix.
  14. I can relate to what Best Dude 55 is saying. Though I've had my account for years, I'm still new to the forums and have only recently started to post more, looking to be active in the community. My thoughts on this. Looking at everyone's post count is like looking at an XP bar. It's hard to tell myself that my critique or advice will be worth anything compared to someone whose posts are in the thousands (high XP). In my mind, how can I give advice if I don't have any arrangements published? Perhaps others have these reasons for not putting their thoughts in, especially the newcomers. A suggestion. Can you cut down the review time by not having custom detailed writeups, but instead have a document that lists all the possible improvement points, numbered, and have the review be simply like: "Submission denied. See reasons 144, 40, 32."?
  15. When I started using a DAW and writing music on it, I focused too much on making each track public-ready. Problem was, I was never happy and I end up being stuck on tracks that were going nowhere, preventing me from moving on and make something I would have a better start with. I've shifted that way of thinking recently and accepted the fact that it is okay to experiment and write things that have no plan on making public. So lately, I've been doing more 1-minute tracks, not really full songs, but chord progressions that have only one section. Each time I do this, I change up a progression, try a different key, use different instruments, etc. During this process, I've learned more about the kinds of sounds that suited my taste, what blended well, which progressions I liked. Each time I do this, I bounce the mp3 into iTunes. If I'm ready to work on a song, I could always go back to my iTunes library and expand on one of those tracks I really thought had potential. I'm sure for every great hit, there are 20 songs written that the artist is embarrassed to show.
  16. So wow, 3.5 years, I took a long break from this song and decided to rework this. This is my first remix I'm hoping to submit. Orignal (Final Fantasy I Dungeon Theme): http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Dungeon_Theme Remix: https://soundcloud.com/celestialsonata/final-fantasy-i-dungeon-remix/s-lmRWS Still a WIP as I want to add some additional harmonies and more. Let me know what you think and share. Thanks!
  17. Logic is a dream to use. I've been through a few DAWs myself, but personally Logic works with my workflow and the controls are pretty straightforward to use. Don't go with Logic if you think you'll switch back to Windows.
  18. I'd have to agree with Shining Force I and II. I have warm memories about my chlidhood every time I think about it. The music is astounding for its time, even for today. I wish Sega would revive the series, not like the action-style Shining For EXA, but back to the tactical roots.
  19. I didn't pick up the Vita as I found the RPG library lacking. It's why I loved my PSP, still use it to this day. To add to zircon's comment about emulation, I would say that I enjoyed using my Google Nexus 7 tablet as an emulation device. I was carrying the tablet around anyway, allowing me to bounce back using it for work and play. Downside is you couldn't feel the buttons. Too bad I sad on it, cracked the tablet.
  20. Had my first baby a few months ago. Working on my first submission to OCR and solo album. That's going slow because, you know, baby.
  21. Komplete did it for me. When I got it, it blew my mind how much I could do with it. I relied mostly on using Kontakt strings and Absynth.
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