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Before buying music gear/software online, please read this

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As many of you are aware, OverClocked ReMix is now hosted on its own dedicated server, paid for by ads, donations, and t-shirt sales.

Zzounds.com has an affiliate program where OCR earns a commission if a sale is made when someone comes to their site from ours. They also happen to have competitive prices and fast shipping - I've ordered two Audiophile 2496s and a Roland mixer from them personally, as well as my Rode NT1a microphone.

If you can find a lower price elsewhere, they'll match it - they have a lowest price guarantee that they take pretty seriously.

jes, that sounds good, but do they ship in Europe?

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Over the past 2 months I've bought $650 worth of gear from zZounds using this link, specifically:

Echo Audiofire 4 audio interface

Behringer MS20 monitors (I know they're entry level, but they sound great anyway)

Shure SM57, with cable and stand

AKG K240 Headphones

Great store, free shipping, and help OCR? It's a no brainer.

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If you can find a lower price elsewhere, they'll match it - they have a lowest price guarantee that they take pretty seriously.

Just bought something from zZounds and I had a little trouble getting the affiliate link to work with their lowest price guarantee. Not sure if this was just me, but here's the short version of what happened and how to make sure OCR gets the commission if you're ever in this situation:

  1. Item A was $XXX + free shipping on zZounds.
  2. Item A was $AWholeLotLess + free shipping on Amazon.
  3. I did my "I'm gonna save a lot of money" happy dance.
  4. I wanted to have zZounds price-match the Amazon price to save an additional whatever%. I called zZounds and they said they would do it but the affiliate commission wasn't gonna happen.
  5. In order to give OCR the commission, you normally have to go through the OCR site to the zZounds site and buy from there. But if you do that, you can't price-match.
  6. To have it work out:
    • Go to zZounds through the OCR links.
    • Write down the 7-character priority code that is plastered all over every page at zZounds.
    • Search for the item you want to buy and price-match.
    • Add it to your cart. That's the important step.
    • Call 1-800-ZZOUNDS, give them your priority code and tell them what you want to do. They should be able to look up the OCR->zZounds->Item In Cart history and all should be well for the commission and the price-matching.

Hope that helps someone out there.

Stay thirsty my friends...thirsty for savings.

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As long as you got to zzounds site through the affiliate link, yes, it should have worked. It redirects to their main site, and I don't believe it gives you a confirmation of any kind, but it tracks the link that directed you here, and that's how they give OCR the credit.

Also, thanks for helping out! Apogee makes great stuff, nice choice!

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