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Since Thanksgiving is next week, I will extend the schedule to the following:

Week 6: Nov 20 - Dec 1 (12 days)

Week 7: Dec 2 - Dec 10 (9 days)

Something even more extreme will likely be used for Christmas/New Years.

Kamoh, don't forget.
Dama 2, Setz 0.

Thanks for the reminder. I'm kinda bad about this stuff now :P

That's gonna give you 36 pts.

By the way, I have no idea how the points system works. What's everything worth?

In scheduled fullmatches:

Win = 4 pts

Draw = 2 pts

Loss = 0 pts

In optional halfmatches:

Win = 2 pts

Draw = 1 pt

Loss = 0 pts

For reports:

Won report: +2/4 pts

Lost report: -2/4 pts

(value exchanged is at my own discretion).

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1 win against John Derrilll. Nice game JD, waiting for the second one

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game

;White: margoute

;Black: chessmaster_1313

;Date: Sat Nov 18 04:34:13 GMT 2006

1. e2-e4 g8-f6

2. b1-c3 d7-d5

3. e4-e5 f6-d7

4. d2-d4 d7-b6

5. g1-f3 c8-g4

6. f1-e2 e7-e6

7. a2-a3 c7-c5

8. c1-g5 d8-c7

9. c3-b5 c7-c6

10. b5-c3 b8-d7

11. e2-b5 c6-c7

12. d1-d3 c5-c4

13. d3-e3 a7-a6

14. b5xd7+ b6xd7

15. o-o f8-e7

16. g5xe7 e8xe7

17. e3-g5+ d7-f6

18. e5xf6+ g7xf6

19. g5xg4 a8-g8

20. g4-h3 g8-g6

21. f3-h4 g6-g5

22. h3-e3 h8-g8

23. h2-h3 g5-h5

24. a1-e1 h5xh4

25. c3xd5+

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Hmmm. Kamoh, in week 4, are you giving me credit for 2 wins against Margoute?

You've got the right number of total possible points (76), but I'm missing a win over Margoute on the board -

it may just be notation or whatever, since I don't know why you'd put a single game in just the right column, savvy?

Thanks for the consideration.

Rainman DX vs. Margoute, 1-0.
Rainman DX vs. Margoute, 1-0.
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Top Score (four weeks): Keegan (54 pts)

Top Score (week five): Keegan (16 pts)




Bahamut sent me a message last week saying that it would be very difficult for him to do his match against Snerrak for Week 5. I tried to get Snerrak to play in time, but hey, we're on the West Coast. So the effect is that Bahamut and Snerrak will play 3 matches this week, and the one between them will be logged into last week's results.

Also, in honor of Thanksgiving and everyone leaving town (and their computers), Week 6 will last 12 days, ending on Friday, December 1st. The end of reporting will be two days before that, on Wednesday, November 29th.

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It doesn't state in the rules that you cannot play a halfmatch against someone that is in the tournament but does not have scheduled matches. In fact, in every schedule I leave the part open for halfmatches for everyone who is not playing fullmatches that week. You may only play halfmatches against players who are on my schedule, though.

All that being said:

Halfmatch Game 1

(white) Loning 0-1 kamoh (black)

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Rainman and I played. First game we agreed to a draw.

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: rainmanr2d2
;Black: damathacus
;Date: Tue Nov 21 06:06:40 GMT 2006

1. d2-d4 d7-d5
2. c1-f4 c7-c5
3. c2-c3 b8-c6
4. e2-e3 e7-e6
5. f1-b5 f8-d6
6. f4xd6 d8xd6
7. g1-f3 c8-d7
8. f3-e5 c6xe5
9. d4xe5 d6xe5
10. b5xd7+ e8xd7
11. o-o g8-f6
12. b1-d2 d7-e7
13. a1-b1 h8-d8
14. d2-f3 e5-c7
15. d1-b3 d8-d7
16. c3-c4 d5-d4
17. e3xd4 c5xd4
18. b1-d1 a8-d8
19. f1-e1 d4-d3
20. f3-e5 d3-d2
21. e1-e2 d7-d4
22. b3-b4+ d8-d6
23. d1xd2 f6-d5
24. b4-a3 d4xd2
25. e2xd2 d5-f4
26. e5xf7 f4-e2+
27. g1-f1 b7-b5
28. f1xe2 c7xc4+
29. e2-e1 c4-e4+
30. e1-d1 e4-b1+
31. d1-e2 b1-e4+

Our second game Rainman made a hell of a comeback. No tricks, no really stupid mistakes on my part. His playing was simply amazing. It's a monster, but worth checking out.

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: damathacus
;Black: rainmanr2d2
;Date: Tue Nov 21 06:51:32 GMT 2006

1. d2-d4 d7-d5
2. c2-c4 c7-c5
3. d4xc5 d8-a5+
4. b1-c3 a5xc5
5. d1xd5 c5-b4
6. d5-b5+ b8-c6
7. b5xb4 c6xb4
8. c3-b5 e8-d7
9. e1-d1 b7-b6
10. c1-f4 c8-a6
11. b5-c7 a8-d8
12. c7xa6 d7-e8+
13. f4-d2 b4xa6
14. g1-f3 e7-e6
15. d1-c2 f8-b4
16. a1-d1 b4xd2
17. d1xd2 a6-b4+
18. c2-b3 d8xd2
19. f3xd2 a7-a5
20. a2-a3 b4-c6
21. e2-e3 g8-f6
22. f2-f3 e8-e7
23. f1-d3 h8-d8
24. b3-c3 h7-h5
25. h1-d1 c6-e5
26. d2-b3 h5-h4
27. b3-d4 f6-d7
28. f3-f4 e5xd3
29. d4-c6+ e7-e8
30. c6xd8 e8xd8
31. d1xd3 d8-c7
32. g2-g3 h4-h3
33. e3-e4 e6-e5
34. b2-b4 a5xb4+
35. a3xb4 g7-g6
36. d3-d5 e5xf4
37. g3xf4 d7-f6
38. d5-d4 f6-g4
39. d4-d3 g4-f2
40. d3-d4 f2-g4
41. c4-c5 b6xc5
42. d4-c4 g4xh2
43. c4xc5+ c7-b6
44. c5-a5 h2-g4
45. f4-f5 h3-h2
46. a5-a1 g4-f2
47. f5xg6 f7xg6
48. e4-e5 h2-h1
49. a1xh1 f2xh1
50. e5-e6 b6-c6
51. c3-d4 c6-d6
52. b4-b5 h1-g3
53. b5-b6 g3-f5+
54. d4-c4 d6-c6
55. b6-b7 c6xb7
56. c4-d5 b7-c7
57. d5-e5 f5-e7
58. e5-f6 c7-d6
59. f6-g5 d6xe6
60. g5-g4 e6-f6
61. g4-f4 g6-g5+
62. f4-g4 f6-g6
63. g4-f3 g6-f5
64. f3-g3 g5-g4
65. g3-f2 f5-f4
66. f2-g2 g4-g3
67. g2-f1 f4-f3
68. f1-g1 g3-g2
69. g1-h2 f3-f2
70. h2-h3 g2-g1
71. h3-h2 e7-f5
72. h2-h3 f5-e3
73. h3-h2 g1-g8
74. h2-h3 g8-h8++

So, to summarize, dama vs. Rainman, one draw, one loss for me.

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Okay, I am officially spent in every sense of the word but the way you are probably now thinking. After about three hours of chess, it's bedtime. Bug Setz or Dama for movelists; they may have got them. And I'm too tired to summarize them. Anyways, I couldn't do them justice if I tried. They were all good games.

Rainman DX vs. Setz, 2-0.

Rainman DX vs. Damathacus, 1 1/2-1/2.

And in a vainglorious effort to make sure I don't get the highest score this week, I will play Johnderrilll this weekend for my halfmatches.

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(14:04:03) You have just entered room "chess."

(14:10:45) RainmanDX2 has entered the room.

(14:10:50) RainmanDX2 has left the room.

(14:25:21) cnidog has entered the room.

(14:25:23) cnidog has left the room.

(17:20:30) John Derrilll has entered the room.

John Derrilll (17:20:39): 134340

(17:24:36) John Derrilll has left the room.

(19:16:16) BayareaThug650 has entered the room.

(19:16:21) Superrr DANES has entered the room.

(19:16:23) kevbolicious has entered the room.

(19:16:24) LiLgIrLiNlove has entered the room.

(19:16:26) shortyblue115 has entered the room.

LiLgIrLiNlove (19:16:30): hi...

BayareaThug650 (19:16:38): who is metgerism

(19:16:40) Bay area rap 3 has entered the room.

LiLgIrLiNlove (19:16:45): iduno

(19:16:50) DiSduDe415 has entered the room.

LiLgIrLiNlove (19:16:51): HI ANTONiO :]]

Superrr DANES (19:16:58): hi LIGER =D

LiLgIrLiNlove (19:17:00): Hi TERRY

LiLgIrLiNlove (19:17:01): HI

LiLgIrLiNlove (19:17:02): DANES

LiLgIrLiNlove (19:17:05): :]]

kevbolicious (19:17:06): who the fuck is metzgerism

LiLgIrLiNlove (19:17:07): TOTS!

LiLgIrLiNlove (19:17:08): HAHA

BayareaThug650 (19:17:09): iono

DiSduDe415 (19:17:15): hello

Superrr DANES (19:17:16): whos that.

BayareaThug650 (19:17:19): who is metgerism

kevbolicious (19:17:22): iono hahahah

Superrr DANES (19:17:23): metzgerism.

Superrr DANES (19:17:24): wtf

DiSduDe415 (19:17:26): whos that

BayareaThug650 (19:17:29): iono

shortyblue115 (19:17:32): hello

BayareaThug650 (19:17:35): who invited him or her

DiSduDe415 (19:17:38): who made this chat room

kevbolicious (19:17:41): aye METZGIRISM

kevbolicious (19:17:45): who the fuck are you?

DiSduDe415 (19:17:51): haha

kevbolicious (19:17:53): michael invited me

Superrr DANES (19:17:54): who started this chat tho

Superrr DANES (19:17:57): mike invite dme too

BayareaThug650 (19:17:57): me

BayareaThug650 (19:17:59): ahahah

DiSduDe415 (19:18:03): yeah mike invited me too

kevbolicious (19:18:04): hahahaha

Superrr DANES (19:18:05): then who invited metslkjfaslkdf

shortyblue115 (19:18:12): cool

BayareaThug650 (19:18:12): i never invited that guy tho

DiSduDe415 (19:18:17): i think its will

kevbolicious (19:18:17): hahah

kevbolicious (19:18:18): stalker

kevbolicious (19:18:21): status

BayareaThug650 (19:18:22): yeah

Superrr DANES (19:18:24): howd they get in tho!

Superrr DANES (19:18:25): ahha

DiSduDe415 (19:18:26): becuz look @ the chat room name

BayareaThug650 (19:18:28): iono

Superrr DANES (19:18:35): batman returns134340

Superrr DANES (19:18:36): wtf

Superrr DANES (19:18:36): ahha

BayareaThug650 (19:18:38): i put that

kevbolicious (19:18:39): hahaha

BayareaThug650 (19:18:44): chess

Superrr DANES (19:18:48): why are we the only ones talking ahah

DiSduDe415 (19:18:48): yea

BayareaThug650 (19:18:51): every1 leave

LiLgIrLiNlove (19:18:54): HI

LiLgIrLiNlove (19:18:55): HAHA

kevbolicious (19:18:56): k make a new one

(19:18:58) BayareaThug650 has left the room.

LiLgIrLiNlove (19:18:58): NO!

(19:19:00) DiSduDe415 has left the room.

LiLgIrLiNlove (19:19:02): KEViN

kevbolicious (19:19:03): haha shut up BIG TESS

LiLgIrLiNlove (19:19:09): HAHA

LiLgIrLiNlove (19:19:10): SHUT UP

(19:19:12) LiLgIrLiNlove has left the room.

kevbolicious (19:19:13): im out b

(19:19:15) kevbolicious has left the room.

(19:19:15) Superrr DANES has left the room.

shortyblue115 (19:19:18): lol

(19:19:25) baynate650x has entered the room.

shortyblue115 (19:19:45): nathaniel

(19:20:00) Bay area rap 3 has left the room.

baynate650x (19:20:03): hey

shortyblue115 (19:20:09): ch. 9 1-9

(19:20:12) baynate650x has left the room.

(19:20:23) shortyblue115 has left the room.

(20:13:16) damathacus has entered the room.

damathacus (20:13:28): so was this buddy chat like five hours ago?

(20:28:34) damathacus has left the room.

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Eek, I'm gonna have a hard time playing my games this week too (Black Friday shopping/camping + hanging out with two special OCR people + Twilight Princess addiction + most of Saturday travel). :(

Again, you guys, this week doesn't end until December 1st, which means you have 12 days instead of 7 to play your matches. I already told Bahamut.

Good luck :)

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;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game

;White: chessmaster_1313

;Black: feline_in_the_mirror

;Date: Sun Nov 19 05:03:02 GMT 2006

1. e2-e4 e7-e5

2. g1-f3 b8-c6

3. f1-b5 c6-d4

4. f3xd4 e5xd4

5. c2-c3 d4xc3

6. b1xc3 f8-b4

7. o-o g8-e7

8. d1-b3 b4-c5

9. b5-c4 o-o

10. d2-d3 h7-h6

11. c1-e3 b7-b6

12. e3xc5 here white missed d4 b6xc5

13. c3-d5 e7xd5

14. c4xd5 c7-c6

15. d5-c4 d7-d6

16. f2-f4 g8-h8

17. c4xf7 c8-g4

18. f7-c4 a8-b8

19. b3-c3 f8-e8

20. h2-h3 g4-h5

21. g2-g4 h5-g6 Qh4 and maybe hope for a draw

22. f4-f5 g6-h7

23. f5-f6 g7xf6

24. f1xf6 e8-e5

25. a1-f1 d8-e7

26. f6-e6 e7-g5

27. f1-f5 instead white should of played Rxd6, Rf5 allows black to achive a draw. g5-e3+

28. g1-g2 h7xf5

29. e6xe5 e3-e2+

30. g2-g1 e2xb2

31. e5-e8+ begins a mate in 3 h8-h7

32. e8-e7+ h7-g6

33. e7-g7++

good game margo

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Thank you JD for a great game and game analysis. :-)

Unfortunately something wrong happened with Internet at my home, and even in the best scenario i will not have Internet before Friday morning :'-(. Otherwise - maybe next week or later, sorry dama and fire, I am not sure I will be able to play, but since the week is extended, I still hope we will have chance to play.

Good luck everybody

CYA all later :-)

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