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EDIT #1: By the way, I think it's no coincidence that Margoute has a dead-even score with moi, but in half the games played. She's really upped her performance from back when she joined OCR, and I'm sure she'd agree. Keep it up, Margo! The Clef's the limit!

Oh, right, thank you Rainman :-) I think everyone is improving.

About colours: may I have purple and grey?

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Hey guys, I've been using a bad transparency tool for a while now. Can anyone point me in the direction of making good transparencies?

Teh GIMP 4tW.

Okay, got half my week's quota done today. (And by today, I mean tomorrow... this morning... last night... whatever day it is...)

Rainman DX vs. Setz, 1 1/2-1/2.

Rainman DX vs. Margoute, 1-0.

Thanks again for the pleasant games, you two.

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Okay, amidst Yahoo! struggles galore (I swear we should just mozey on over to playchess.com full time), I managed to squeak out a win and a draw with Snerrak. He plays a mean game, no doubt - had me playing my absolute best against him.

Rainman DX vs. Snerrak, 1 1/2-1/2.

Just one more game with Margoute to go, and I'll be done this week.

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2 - 0 against fire. Good games man.

If I were to describe those games to a third party, the words "stomping," "balls," and "my" would enter the discussion pretty early on. Excellent playing.

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: cpt1337
;Black: keegan_the_fox
;Date: Thu Nov 09 22:16:13 GMT 2006

1. g1-f3 f7-f5
2. d2-d4 e7-e6
3. f3-e5 g8-f6
4. c2-c4 c7-c5
5. d4-d5 d7-d6
6. e5-f3 f8-e7
7. d5xe6 o-o
8. f3-g5 h7-h6
9. g5-f3 c8xe6
10. e2-e3 b8-c6
11. b2-b3 f6-e4
12. c1-b2 e7-f6
13. b2xf6 d8xf6
14. b1-d2 c6-b4
15. d2xe4 f5xe4
16. f3-d2 f6xf2++

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: keegan_the_fox
;Black: cpt1337
;Date: Thu Nov 09 22:29:33 GMT 2006

1. e2-e4 e7-e5
2. g1-f3 d7-d6
3. d2-d4 e5xd4
4. f3xd4 c7-c5
5. d4-f3 c5-c4
6. b1-c3 g8-f6
7. f1xc4 c8-e6
8. c4-b3 e6xb3
9. a2xb3 g7-g6
10. c1-g5 f8-g7
11. o-o o-o
12. a1-a4 b7-b5
13. c3xb5 d8-b6
14. b5xd6 f8-d8
15. e4-e5 f6-e8
16. d1-d5 d8xd6
17. e5xd6 b8-c6
18. a4-c4 a8-c8
19. d6-d7 c8-c7
20. d7xe8+ g7-f8
21. d5-d6 c6-e7
22. d6-d8 h7-h6
23. e8xf8+ g8-h7
24. f8xh6++

Heh. Yeah, Keegan's got a finesse about him - I notice that most of my tight games last more moves than these two combined...

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I just wanted to share this ridiculously sweet mate I got on some random guy. Check it out, starting with the bishop sacrifice at move 32. I'm black.

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: carson061499
;Black: damathacus
;Date: Fri Nov 10 04:15:58 GMT 2006

1. e2-e4 e7-e5
2. d2-d4 e5xd4
3. d1xd4 b8-c6
4. d4-d5 d7-d6
5. c2-c4 c8-e6
6. d5-b5 a8-b8
7. c1-e3 a7-a6
8. b5-b3 d8-h4
9. b1-d2 g8-f6
10. g2-g3 h4-g4
11. f2-f3 g4-g6
12. a2-a4 f8-e7
13. a1-c1 o-o
14. h2-h4 c6-a5
15. b3-b4 b7-b6
16. g1-h3 f6-h5
17. h3-g5 e7xg5
18. h4xg5 h5xg3
19. h1-g1 g3xf1
20. g1xf1 f7-f6
21. f1-g1 f6xg5
22. g1xg5 g6-f7
23. b2-b3 a5-c6
24. b4-c3 a6-a5
25. e1-e2 b8-d8
26. c1-g1 g7-g6
27. f3-f4 c6-e7
28. c4-c5 d6xc5
29. e3xc5 b6xc5
30. c3xc5 c7-c6
31. c5xa5 f7xf4
32. b3-b4 e6-c4+
33. d2xc4 f4xe4+
34. c4-e3 e4-d3+
35. e2-e1 d3xe3++

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