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I'm going to get pwned by my girlfriend's very Polish 76-year old Grandpa on Christmas Eve.

Match report will be posted, trust me.

Keep a move list. I want to :lol:.


Also, sorry guys in my group - finals all week and stuff. I won't be available to play chess 'til this weekend; I hope that's satisfactory with everybody. If not, feel free to PM me or IM me with a preferable solution, and I'll see if I can make time. Otherwise...

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas holiday, and I'll see you for 134340.

EDIT: played Keegan twice, only won the second time because HEDOESNOTKEEPTRACKOFHISOWNTIMEFIXIT! And here's the best part - my browser never broke down on me! Java/Firefox isn't sucking anymore!

In summary,

Rainman DX vs. Keegan The Fox, 1-1.

Here's the first game that he won:

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: rainmanr2d2
;Black: keegan_the_fox
;Date: Fri Dec 15 21:50:53 GMT 2006

1. d2-d4 g8-f6
2. c2-c4 g7-g6
3. b1-c3 d7-d5
4. c1-g5 f6-e4
5. c3xe4 d5xe4
6. g2-g3 f8-g7
7. g5-e3 o-o
8. f1-g2 c7-c5
9. g2xe4 c5xd4
10. e3-f4 e7-e5
11. f4-c1 d8-c7
12. e4-d5 b8-d7
13. g1-f3 d7-b6
14. e2-e4 b6xd5
15. c4xd5 f7-f5
16. f3-g5 h7-h6
17. g5-e6 c8xe6
18. d5xe6 c7-c6
19. o-o f5xe4
20. d1-b3 f8-f3
21. e6-e7+ f3xb3
22. a2xb3 g8-f7
23. c1-d2 c6-b5
24. a1-a5 b5xb3
25. d2xh6 g7xh6
26. a5xe5 d4-d3
27. f2-f3 e4-e3
28. f1-e1 b3xb2
29. f3-f4 b2-f2+
30. g1-h1 f2xe1+
31. h1-g2 e1-e2+
32. g2-h3 h6-g7
33. e5-b5 a8-h8+
34. b5-h5 h8xh5++

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I have problems with Internet at home. It behaves weird. I cant open IE or Firefox. It is just so slow! Yesterday i spent about an hour just to open games.yahoo.com, but still i could not enter any chess room. Messenger worked, but also slow and was disconnecting like every 15 min. Awful. Also my birthday was yesterday, but i had to go to socialize (I hate that) to Christmas party held by our division (from my work). No fun. And now i am at work, which is actually good coz I have internet here. If anybody wants to play chess, I am in Adequate now, as pearl_identity, anyways i have time, while waiting when my gel will finish running. :-(

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Your search - Rinkashijimodochiku - did not match any documents.


* Make sure all words are spelled correctly.

* Try different keywords.

* Try more general keywords.

Everyone - I'm bringing back colors.

If you would like to change your colors, you may do so. pick one, two or three colors to represent yourself.

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