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For great justice!

I think that the idea of bonus-points by augmentation is a good one, although I'm still not sure exactly how I want it to work...I'm looking at the following:

1) 3-2-1 base scoring, with 4-2-1 if your team wins the round.

2) 3-2-1 base scoring, with 5-3-1 if your team wins the round.

3) 4-2-1 base scoring, with 6-3-1 if your team wins the round.

No bonus or a small bonus if your team draws the round.

A lot of these ideas are running around in my head. I'd actually really like to see #3, just for the sheer high scores that would result - but it would be debiliatatingly high for the smaller teams in the competition - which is part of the intent. Unfortunately, since we don't have an old tournament of this style to work with, we really couldn't tell what the scorelines are gonna be like.


Tonight I will contact the team captains (while I do a stupid paper - someone remind me to get that done), and we'll start scheduling for week one, which will likely begin Monday or Tuesday.

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Yarr. Kamoh get your paper done.

I have another paper due tomorrow wooooo.

For those uninitiated, this will be the format for at least a little while:

Weekly Schedule

Weeks will begin on Tuesday for the time being. Weeks end on Monday.

Team Play / Colors

Each team will play each other team twice - once as white and once as black - over six weeks.

If your team is white for the week, you will play as white for the whole week.

Full-Fixture Schedule

You can and should play every one of your opponent's team's players - ONCE. No 2-game matches, no switching colors. Just play everyone on the other team once within the week.

Team Win Bonus

Not sure quite what this is going to be...but I've got an idea.

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pg. 69 bow chicka bow wow.

^ Dude, Kamoh, stop making me tilt my head 45 degrees!

It was difficult to find a happy medium - especially with the new format. I found the ability to 45-degreeify a table and ran with it, although I wish that there was an easier way. Tonight, thankfully, I have no homework, and should be up for a while (but I'll be fixing my monitor or replacing it because I don't know what the hell it's doing wrong but it's on the fritz). We'll play some games, have some laughs, drink a vodka or three and chess it on up till the early hours of the morning. I just didn't want to make a needlessly humongous table for these games, so you see the above. And I'm on a computer at school whose enter key does not work (don't worry it's the same way for the entire row - this things are shit-ass old and not conducive for actual use). G'night.

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