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"Pieces of Courage" A Link to The Past Project (ONE TRACK LEFT)

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Fan Remake of A Link to the Past's OST


Red: Taken, no WIP

Orange: Need WIP


Green: Final Wavs 


Title: "Third Quest" -TheChargingRhino (third page, scroll down) (finished) 

Opening Demo: GSO, Claimed 3-14-17

Select Screen: "Beginning of the Journey" -DMT Prod (7-27-16) (Finished)

Time of The Falling Rain: "Before the Storm" -TheChargingRhino (go to fourth page and scroll down) (Finished! AND has a REALLY COOL door SFX!)

Secret Found/Item Jingle: "We Got Us Some Treasure!"  -DMT Prod (suggested 7-22-16) (go to page 4 and scroll down) (7-30-16)

Hyrule Castle: "Let's Rock and Roll" -TheChargingRhino (FINISHED!!) (7-26-16) (Go to fourth page and scroll down)

Princess Zelda's Rescue: "My Knight in Shining Amour" (references end of comic and manga) -TheChargingRhino (FINISHED) (7-27-16) (go to 4th page and scroll down)

Church/Sanctuary: Serenity's Call -GSO (7-26-16) (FINISHED)

Overworld: "Clad in Green" -BlueJackG (7-25-16) (finished)

Kakariko Village: "My Old Hometown" - GSO (7-19-16) (FINISHED) (scroll down)

The Soldiers of Kakariko Village: "RUN!" GSO (8-14-16) (Finished)

Cave: "Terrors of the Deep" - TheChargingRhino (Finished) (7-19-16) (Go to next page and scroll down) (7-22-16) -uploaded to forums

Fortune-Telling House: "Tarot Card Reading" GSO (8-14-16) (finished)

Guessing Game House: "Guessing Game Groove" GSO (8-14-16) (finished)

Sanctuary/Light World Dungeon: "Nightmare" -BlueJackG (7-25-16) (Finished)

Boss BGM: "Wrath of the Guardians" -TheChargingRhino (FINISHED) (7-27-16) (go to fourth page and scroll down)

Boss Cleared Fanfare: "Link to the Rescue" -GSO (7-26-16) (FINISHED)

Forest/Lost Woods: "Fake Swords" - The Nikanoru 

 Master Sword Demo: "The Blade of Evil's Bane" -TheChargingRhino (Finished) (7-19-16) (Go to next page and scroll down) (7-22-16)-uploaded to forums 

Flute Boy's Ocarina: "The Magic Flute" -GSO (7-26-16) (FINISHED)

Priest: (I guess the first five seconds of "Wrath of the Demon King" counts for Ganon's Message and the the rest counts for this...?) (So it's technically done?) 

Dark World: "Funky World" -TheChargingRhino (COMPLETED 3-12-17, UPLOADED TO FORUMS 3-14-17. Page 5, very bottom) 

Dark Mountain/Forest: "The Dark Mountain Trail" -BlueJackG (suggested 7-22-16) (finished) 

Dark World Dungeon: "Dungeons and Dragons" -TheChargingRhino (suggested 8-9-16) (FINISHED) (Go to fourth page and scroll down) (8-17-16)

Turned into a Rabbit!: "The Silly Pink Rabbit!" -DMT Prod (suggested 7-30-16) (finished)

 Crystal: "The Maiden's Message" -GSO (7-26-16) (FINISHED) 

The Goddess Appears: "Prayer for the Wayfarer" - GSO (7-21-16) (scroll down) (finished

The Priest Transforms into Ganon: "You are Strong, but Now, I Shall Unleash; My True, POOOOWWWEERRRR!!!!" -TheChargingRhino (might be the longest title ever, but that Phoenix track's title is long, too) (The quote is from Grim Dawn, by the way.) (FINISHED)

Ganon's Message: "Wrath of the Demon King" -TheChargingRhino (string version with drums) (VOCALS TO BE ADDED) (Go to next page and scroll down) (7-22-16) (Finished

Battle with Ganon: "No Rest for the Wicked "-TheChargingRhino (Go to next page and scroll down) (7-22-16) (Finished)

Triforce Chamber: "Heart of a Hero" -GSO (7-21-16) (scroll down) (finished

Ending (Story): "See Ya Next Time!" -GSO (7-18-16) (FINISHED) (scroll down)

Ending (Staff Role): "The War is Over"-TheChargingRhino (scroll down) (Sometime in June) (Finished


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3 hours ago, GSO said:

Here is my First Pass at The ending(If you like it you can put me down for the track):


....Chocolate DOES make everything better. This is good. Very good. Though I have one question- what is that uh....I think it's an oboe, right? /clarinet doing? Other than that, it's really, really good. Done. You're in. If you want to do any more, feel free to ask!

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On 7/22/2016 at 1:20 PM, BlueJackG said:

Can I try the Dark Mountain/Forest?

EDIT: Here's what I have: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bx8KZbVBD5eKRFpyYzNFTDBOSjg

I don't know if it's what you wanted, but it's something.



On 7/22/2016 at 0:58 PM, DMT Produktionen said:

I will post a few tracks.

I claim

Secret Found:

Select Screen:

Sure. Go ahead.


Thanks to GSO for offering to create art!


I need your track names, people. Please?

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Hey, Rhino. Put me down for the 'Lost Woods,' if not taken. I'll provide a title soon. 

I have a voice-over idea for 'Ganon's Message,' too, if you're interested. PM me if you are.

It may take some time for me to complete. You have a deadline?

EDIT: Title suggestion: Agahnim's Grand Design or Of Pendants and Crystals

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