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All Time Hardest Boss

The Coop

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...i never found who else other than ultima weapon had shadow flare

Dragon Zombies bust out with a Shadow Flare every now and then. Getting Pandora's Box is the most delicate procedure, however.

Dragon Zombies cast it as they die, and ONLY the first Dragon Zombie you ever face. After that, that's it. (Silly it may sound) Even if you reset without saving...they won't want to cast Pandora's Box anymore.

Enough talk about E-Skills here. If you have any detailed questions about Final Fantasy VII, feel free to PM me.

Back to the topic at hand...

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No way in HELL its more difficult than anything in CT:VO:OT.

And I gotta give props to Nero Angelo. Never could beat him.

Also, in DMC3, I only got to Cerberus, But I tossed it aside. The only thing difficult about it was the fact that a skeleton could poke you in the sholder, and you'd lose half your health. It was like Metroid Fusion without the Fun.

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I just can't remember how to open the panel to the rocket launcher on the first map! I remember no clipping mode is how I first found it, then the wall just opened...

It is either A) a timer, B) kill all enemies in the level, or C) when you open the last door. I forgot which...


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I dont remember which, But I was playing some MarvelxCapcom game on the dreamcast, Damn that Last Boss!

And the King of cheap is either Heavyarms or Epyon on Gundam WingEndless Duel, which is probably th best gundam game made.

Well,MvC 1: Onslought (2forms) Last Boss, and MvC 2: Abyss(3forms) Last Boss.

and is that the Gundam Game for the SNES?

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I remember having a hard time on-

Thardus - Metroid Prime (Hard Mode)

I had as many missles and e-tanks as possible when I was fighting him, and after many tries, I just couldn't beat him.

Eventually, I learned a few tricks, like taking out the rocks he throws at you with missles to get them out of the way quicker, and saving super missles for when his protective armor is gone.

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Alright, I've just gotta ask.

Why do I have a Snacks 'N Jaxson (+25) under my username?

I'm quite positive that this is not of my doing.

That's your post rank. There's a list of all the rankings here (scroll down a little).

If you're curious as to what they are, a simple google search, or hell, even a Wikipedia search might yield something.

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