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OCR01519 - Donkey Kong Land "Revisiting the Ruins"


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omg how did I miss this one?!

Classically beautiful and pristine. This has such a controlled and elegant approach, but it's so full of life. Adding to the fact that i'd probably never hear the source tune otherwise, this is a total gem. I am absolutely in love with the marimba sounding instrument that comes in with all the delays near the beginning. Great emotive guitar playing, and some very well used and thought out effects.

I'm sad that there's only one mix of his at OCR, when he has several on his site that would fit in pretty well.

Anyways, I can't recommend this mix enough, and also check out the tracks on his homepage.

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How you managed to make a song from this game sound so beautiful is beyond me.

Close your eyes and you feel like your swinging from the treetops, waterfalls cascading in the background, creating mini rainbows. Then you dive into the crystal clear water and swim off through some sort of lost civilisation, observing the beauty of this pristine world, Finally, you resurface into the glow of sunset, feeling content and at peace with the world

Great stuff here by Mr. Burns

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01519 - Donkey Kong Land "Revisiting the Ruins"

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